Toilet Flange Help Needed

verlandMarch 17, 2012

Hello, I ran into something with a toilet flange I really need help with. The wax seal apparently had breached so I pulled the toilet. The flange is recessed and isn't cleaning up too well. Appears to have concrete on it which I can only guess may be from the quickset concrete used on the tile. Not knowing for sure if what I'm looking at is a pipe flange permanently welded on the end of a pipe OR a leaded on flange, I'm nervous about chiseling the concrete away and am thinking about other options. I have a flange extension (see pic) that I'd thought about trying to use. One side has a black neoprene gasket on it and I'm assuming that's face down on the original flange with a wax ring and then the toilet. The other option is trying to just use a thick, reinforced was ring w/flange and hope for the best. Tile is on concrete. Any suggestions are appreciated. TIA

Pics here:

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Here's a short vid on This Old House, never had the never to fool with cast without first cutting with a sawzall but at least you can see what you're up against

Here is a link that might be useful: Installing a new toilet flange

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There is no need to attempt installing a new closet flange.

Begin by cleaning the top surface of the existing flange as much as you can. Using a stiff putty knife like a painters 5 in 1 paint tool will be sufficient.

You are correct, the rubber gasket side of your buildup flange goes on the underside where the gasket will be in firm contact with the existing flange. I like to add a liberal coating of a clear silicone called "Plumbers Goop" on the rubber before setting it in place.(You can find a 4 or 5oz tube of plumbers goop at most hardware stores on the rack in the plumbing section.)

The top surface of the flange should be about 1/4 higher than the finished floor.

Place a standard wax ring on top of the buildup flange and set the bowl.

The closet bolts are connected to the existing flange and extend through slots in the buildup flange and on through the base of your bowl. As the nuts on top of the bowl base are tightened it will hold everything in tight register and that should solve your problem.

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