installing a drain under 2 washers

ontariomomMarch 5, 2012

Hi Folks,

First time posting on the plumbing forum so greetings. We are wondering about the best way to install a drain under a pair of washers that will be side by side both on pedastals. I have read somewhere that you can use rubber drain pans and tile over these pans. Has anyone seen this done, or done it themselves? Do you know where to order the rubber drain pans? The laundry room will have ceramic tile in it. I am not a DIY, but need to explain to plumber what we want.


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If your tiling the area talk to your tile installer. You can have him make a 2" curb surrounding the area in the same manner as making a shower pan and install a shower drain

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Hi Lazypup,

Thanks for your clever idea. Do you think if one of the machines spring a leak, most of the water will go in the shower pan as described (i.e. the tiled curb). For example, if a hose breaks will it spray all over the room?


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1. The curb will negate the use of the pedestal's drawer!

2. You can install an automatic water shutoff that relieves pressure on the machine's hoses when not in use. This will be about as safe/leakproof as you can make things along with the curb & drain.

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Hi antsss,

Thanks, Antsss for your helpful reply. Hmmmmm, I do want to be able to use the pedastal's drawer. Maybe I will not be able to build the tile curb. When you talked about an automatic shutoff, can you be more specific? The plumber did talk to me about a manual water shut-off near the washer, but I do like the idea of an automatic devise, as I don't see myself remembering to manually shut off the water.



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