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pink_warm_mama_1December 22, 2012

Making delicious molasses cookies this morning, submitted to Country Living by Susan Branch. The cookies are to be dipped in a powdered sugar mixture that calls for lemon extract. It is a cold and windy day here today, and I would rather not go out again. I do have peppermint, anise, almond and orange extracts. If one can be substituted, please advise which you would choose - or should I wait for a day when I can get the lemon extract? Many thanks.

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Orange sounds like a good substitution. There are a lot of recipes for molasses orange spice cookies, so apparently they work well together.


Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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If it isn't too late, mine are rolled in balls and then rolled in granulated sugar before baking. There is no powdered sugar or lemon extract in mine. You could try them that way.

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Like Tami, my recipe calls for rolling in plain granulated sugar, and that's the only way I"ve ever had them. The orange sounds like a good addition, but in a pinch, I'd just use plain sugar.


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