Cat urinating everywhere

newhomeseekerJuly 28, 2010

My 3 year old female cat is peeing everywhere! First noticed it when someone peed on the kitchen counter. I have six cats (one is a foster cat) and I started putting each one in a separate room with a litter box to see if the inappropriate urination continued. Found out who the culprit was. She is a dilute tortie and has always been a very high maintenance cat since I found her abandoned as a kitten at 4 weeks old. She used to "scream" when she couldn't find her people and she is very talkative. She grumbles about everything. Last year she had to endure five new kittens in the house and was upset about that but no peeing on everything. She isn't the top cat but she is near the top and yet ocassionaly gets chased (in play) by the two remainining kittens (they are a year old this month) I have all female cats but one if that matters.

She urinates right in front of us too. On the kitchen counter, on the carpet in a corner, on a towel in the bathroom, on my clothes if I leave them on the floor. She has no problem using the litter box (there are eight of them!) when she has to poop. Each time I try to clean up the urine so no smell is left and it must work because the only place she's urinated twice is the kitchen counter. I took her to the vet and the vet said I should bring in a urine sample but no one told me this until I was already at my appointment!! THey tried to collect one from her while there but were not successful. Vet said she probably has a urinary tract infection and gave her a shot that lasts two weeks and for a few days she stopped but then went right back to her old ways.

The vet said she does not believe it is behavioral because normally the cat will go in the same place all the time (as a way of saying they are mad about some change)

The only recent change is that about a month ago I brought a foster cat home and recently had let her out with the others and the foster cat got aggressive and chased everyone like she was going to kill them. However, the foster cat got adopted so she is no longer there.

I have started putting my cat in a bedroom by herself with a litter box and food and water while I'm at work. She HATES this and gets upset and cries and screams and scratches at the door and begs to be let out. However, even though the room probably smells like my foster cats, she has not urinated anywhere in that room except for her litter box! I hate to keep her locked up but so far that is the only way I can keep my house not smelling like cat pee! After I had her in the separate room for a week (and only let her out when I was home) she didn't urintate on anything for a few days but recently she's started again. I don't know if taking her back to the vet will help as they really didn't do anything but speculate the first time. She did have a slightly elevated temperature at her appointment so it might have been a URI. any ideas?

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Your vet needs to do some more testing to rule out urine crystals, bladder stones and URI. It's possible the antibiotic didn't knock out any infection she may have.

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Yes, I agree - I think more testing needs to be done on your cat to rule out any physiological problem. Or you could even try going to another vet for a second opinion. Sometimes other vets could have more perspective on the situation.

Also, it sounds like your cat may be a little stressed out because there are so many cats in the house. Have you tried any stress-reducing remedies? Like comfort spray, or any of the bach flower remedies (Rescue Remedy). That might help her feel more calm and less likely to urinate in inappropriate places.

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Most cats do NOT have a urinary tract infection, but when they do it's generally a whopper. I usually do a culture and sensitivity when cats exhibit signs like that, but 90% of the time it's no infection.

Most likely kitty has Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). It can be triggered by stress- anything in the household that has changed- or by causes we don't understand, or sources of stress we can't figure out (stray cat in neighborhood, etc). The signs usually resolve on their own within a few days without treatment. But if the source of stress persists, so do the problems. I love amitriptyline administered transdermally to both control the stress and to relieve pain in the bladder.

Bladder stones could certainly be a problem, but x-rays or ultrasound can rule that out. Crystals can also be a problem; most can be controlled with prescription diets. Bladder cancer is unlikely in a 3 year old cat. Diabetes and renal disease can occur in younger cats; blood tests and a urinalysis are helpful in making those diagnoses.

Since she is still having problems, I would strongly suggest another trip to the vets. Perhaps a vet who understands cats better is in order- most up to date vets know that UTIs are unlikely and wouldn't have given an antibiotic shot (Convenia- I love that stuff but not for this).

Hope this helps...

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My two year old baby has started peeing occasionally in my bathroom sink and on the rug in the kitchen (it has a rubber backing). I took her to the vet and she had a slightly elevated ph in her urine. I was told to try CD. Which I switched over to, but that hasn't helped. She refuses the canned CD. Previously she was eating Evo, which I thought was one of the best cat foods. I've had her since 3 weeks and bottle fed her. We also have her littermate and two older cats. None have ever had a problem before, and we have three very large boxes, which I religiously scoop out daily. I really feel that it isn't physical. At first I thought she was peeing in the sink because she watches me on the toilet and put two and two together. She also twice peed on a pillow on our screened porch. It was a rubber backed non-scooting pillow. I think the rubber smell attracts her for some reason. I've been researching and am going to try 'Cat Attract' brand litter. There are a lot of positive reviews for it where it has cured litter box problems. I'll let you know how it works. Another thing, she does this right in front of me. When I tell her 'no', she speeds off, but seems to have no remorse. She will use the litter box when I'm cleaning it, too. No problems with me watching her. No problems with the other cats being in the box, either. She is very close to me and it sitting on the back of my chair right now. She sleeps on me and is the most affectionate of the four cats. All are spayed. This is a once in awhile issue.

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I feel for you. My tortie started peeing all over the house, usually on soft furniture, about five yrs ago. We had her checked by the vet and ultimately she was on Valium at a low dose for about 2-3 yrs. I had her weaned off it for a couple months but she started again. We finally got her off the valium and she now has to go to the guest room at night. We've done this for about 2 yrs now, and she still cries at night.
She has 2 litterpans in there, a drinkwell water fountain, food, a bed, cat beds, etc, and still wants OUT of there. I try to sit with her for a while before bed.

I feel bad for her crying but the only other option is to put her down. We have lost many pieces of furniture because of her. I can't believe I still have her, but she is a sweetie, and the arrangement works.

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How many cat boxes do you have for your 6 cats?

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She has eight litter boxes. I got the Cat Attract litter, and cleaned and refilled the boxes with it this morning. We'll see how it goes.

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