Better to have garbage disposal or not?

BhamsterFebruary 27, 2014

Our 10-year-old InSinkErator is leaking and some have advised not replacing it at all as they're not good for the plumbing (I can't remember the reasons). I don't think I'd miss it so much because ours wasn't very powerful and cleaning the clogs has always been a disgusting procedure.

But if a more powerful one does a better job, then why are they not good?

I'm also wondering about what happens when we go to sell the house--will people consider that a bad feature if we don't have one?

What if we got a small one and didn't use it much? I'm thinking of the InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 hp.

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Improper use of disposals causes the problems. Dishes and leftovers should be scraped into the garbage can,not the disposal. The disposal's origional purpose was to pulveriz bits of food from hand washing dishes in the sink and/or from dishwasher. That's why the dishwasher drains into the disposal rather than sewer line. The absolute minium amounts of oils and fats should be flushed down the drain,wherether it has a disposal or not because they act as a catalast sticking other things in lines. Bigger,powerful units do a better job pulverizing food making it flush through lines better. The lack of disposal looks suspisus to realtors and buyers. My advice is install a powerful unit and follow above instructions to miniumiz drain stoppages. And a tip for you. Run a few ice cubes through the disposal once every 2 or 3 months to dislodge particales that stick inside and sharpen blades.

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My understanding is a bit different in a few respects, (though my knowledge is admittedly limited):

Putting ice cubes into a disposal won't sharpen anything, there's nothing to sharpen. Ice, being softer than metal, wouldn't sharpen "blades" anyway, if there were any.

Garbage disposals have dishwasher connections for convenience of the connection only. The dishwasher could just as easily be connected with a high loop to the actual drain line with a wye, so long as that connection is behind a trap. There's often not room under a sink to have a run of drain pipe before the trap to make such a connection.

Unless Bhamster is living in an old building with small drain lines, I don't think there should be any problem with using a disposal. Be sure that things like stringy veggies, grease, bones, fruit pits, egg shells, etc. go into the trash. What does get put into the disposal should be in smallish pieces and added only a small amount at a time.

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Our house is probably 10 years old (we purchased about 7 years ago) and the only problem has been that the current disposal hasn't been very powerful. I would like more room under the sink which is why I was thinking of the above-mentioned ISE Evolution Compact, but I'm also considering Waste King L-8000 because of the good price and great reviews.

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Too often, the "equipment" choices for new houses are made based on price. As a result, bottom rung quality and functionality is what gets installed. That means that the first reasonable opportunity to replace what was there originally is an opportunity to upgrade.

My experience has been that disposals last about as long as tank water heaters. You should expect at least 10 years and anything beyond that is a bonus. When replacement time arrives, mine have always developed leaks to say the end has come.

I think if you buy a mid-level unit, you'll find it works better than what you had.

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I am on a septic tank and made the decision to forego a disposal on our new kitchen. All those solids are not good for a septic tank. As well, we compost, so we want the food scraps. Meat debris/bones and that we don't compost we freeze and dispose of when the garbage truck comes thru once a week. There is substantially more room under the sink without the disposal. This is the first time in 30 yrs we haven't had a disposal but we do not miss it.

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In contrast, I've been in my current house for > 20 years, it has a septic tank, we have two disposals and I've had no problems at all. I'm not particularly attentive to having the tank pumped - as I recall it's been done just twice.

My experience has been that with a little common sense, and following the normal suggestions about do's and don'ts for disposals AND for septic tanks. there are no issues.

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I've never had an issue with moderate use of a disposal on a septic system over the last 40 years. I'd hate to be without one--fishing the inevitable scraps out of the drainer with no disposal is a PITA.

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If you saw the bacteria/gunk that was spread by disposals on Drs show/dr Oz...I forgot which would never have. gD! With a black light, it is amazing where it splatters! Dirtier than a toilet...!
Do not miss mine at all...

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