Anyone like the Mars Coat-King (or other thinning tool?)

freezetagJuly 1, 2009

My terrier's beard is really, really thick. It looks fine when freshly brushed, but soon after it gets bushy, to the point that I think sometimes it interferes with her vision. I've used thinning shears to try to settle it down, but I saw an ad for Mars CoatKing and it looked like it would be easier to use. Wondering if anyone has tried it (or has something else to suggest?)

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I do't have a terrier and have not used a coat-king but I've used single blade stripping knives to remove undercoat. For everyday brushing and general grooming, I really prefer a Furminator - it fits my hand better and I haven't experienced the fatigue I got with a stripping blade. I took one look at the handle on the coat-king and knew I wouldn't be able to use it for long.

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Shroppie, I should have been more specific - my dog is a Wheaten, so she is single-coated and doesn't shed. I don't think the Furminator cuts - just rakes, so I don't think it would thin her beard fur.

The coat-king is the only thing I know of that both cuts and rakes, and since I am having trouble achieving the effect I want with thinning shears, I thought it might be worth a try.

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I was really disappointed in the furminator. Used it a few times and it's already dull and ineffective. Way too expensive for that.

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That's strange, betsyhac! I'd consider contacting the maker as I've had 2 different furminators for at least 2 years. Both still work perfectly and I use them daily on 8 LARGE, double-coated dogs.

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A coatking should work for you but be sure and get the real thing not one of the cheaper knock offs. They don't hold up well.
Furminators seem to be strange tools. On some dogs they work great and on others they don't do anything. I can usually get more hair out with a stripping knife than my furminator.


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I also have a furminator and I love it. I have an english bulldog...maybe they work better on pets with short coats?

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Actually, trini,I have found it next to worthless on my short-haired, single coat dogs (German Short-hairred Pointer and Great Dane) For them, i prefer a hound glove or rubber curry. for the double-coated medium and long-haired dogs (Akbash, Anatolian and Pyr), it's really been a godsend though. I've loaned it out to some shephed, lab, husky and golden owners and they loved it as well. My rotti friends prefer a shedding blade and rubber curry.

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