Recommendations for new toilet.

southerncanuckFebruary 12, 2013

I need to replace an American Standard low flush toilet. Problems flushing solids and after asking all the questions I can think of and researching what the problem could be the consensus is that the toilet isn't up to the job. (Problems flushing thread on this page)
My research leads me to Toto Drake or American Standard Cadet 3. Can anyone highly recommend any of these or any other reasonably priced. I have never heard of a pressure assist toilet and believe that feature may help as I need as much help in the flush department as possible. I don't think a $100.00 Cosco or Homeless despot special will suffice.

New toilet must be no more than 1.6 liter or 1 US gallon volume.

Budget of no more than $250.00 ( saw one site asking more than $700.00 for the above toilets! )

Double flush feature required.

Any colour as long as it's white.

Thanks in advance


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I'd look at the MaP testing results for reference- it's as good and complete a resource as there is.

I wouldn't hesistate to buy an Eco Drake. It isn't dual flush, but 1.28 gpf is a good compromise. The flushing action is very different but seems to work well (my parents have one).

Assuming you're in Canada and have no idea what prices are there for one. I could order one here for around $250 (don't forget the seat).

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you cant go wrong with either one. I have the Toto and love it

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