Recipe for kitten treats

carmen_grower_2007July 22, 2010

I would love a simple recipe for kitten treats if anyone here makes their own.

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Sliced raw heart. It gets distributed among all of the cats here, including the ferals. Mine get chicken hearts, turkey hearts, and deer hearts.

If you'd rather avoid serving raw stuff to your kittens, then plain cooked meat is good. Most seasonings, especially onion and garlic, are best avoided as ingestion can lead to a form of anemia.

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I have lots of jars of venison that I have canned. Can I mix some with flour, roll out thin and bake for hard treats that can be stored? What else could I add to it that cats would like?

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Rather than adding flour or other species-inappropriate ingredients to your treats, buy or borrow a dehydrator and dehydrate unseasoned venison or other meat (nothing brined, seasoned, or glazed). My cats adore raw venison - no other ingredients required.


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Thanks so much. I have a dehydrator and will certainly try that. I have deer liver in the freezer --- would they like that sliced thin and dried? (My older cats would never touch chicken liver but maybe that was because they were raised with chickens and thought that is what they are!)

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My cats love any kind of liver - raw, dehydrated, cooked - doesn't matter. Just don't feed more than one tiny piece a day because liver is very high in vit. A and iron, both of which can be toxic if overdosed.


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As Laurie stated-most commercial cat foods already contain moe than enough liver. My cats love liver too but it's only the rarest treat for them, just because of nutrient overload.

I'm sorry that I misunderstood your original intent-I don't use 'shelf-stable' treats except for Pure-Bites chicken so never thought that you were looking for something more convenient than meats. Dry food is not part of my cats' regular diet so I find that a tiny sack of the grain-free limited-ingredient kibble lasts a very long time when used only for treats. And that's with 7 resident cats. No preparation, economical, great for the kittens. Do you have pictures of the kittens?

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The kittens only get dry kibble so that wouldn't be a treat for them. I just wanted to try treats to get them all to know their names and hopefully come when called. Bits of cheese would probably work.

I have pictures but have never tried to post any. They are all four gray and three have some white and brown markings. Just precious!!!

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Oh, then maybe plain meat would be a great treat to offer as you train the little ones! You have a dehydrator (I'm envious). I don't know if cheese is good for kittens but it's a great energy source with all the fat, which is good for kittens. Probably little smidgeons would be fine.

They sound beautiful. I hope that you have a chance to get a pic or 2 up. Kittens sure are fun to look at.

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