Water quality issues

aninocentangelFebruary 5, 2011

I'm seeing a lot of indications that we may have problems with hard water going on. These problems have been constant since we bought the house in 2004, and through two dishwashers.

- orange film inside dishwasher that is gummy when the dishwasher is running and then hardens quickly as it cools. Reminds me of old finish when it's been spilled on. It's really difficult to clean off too, I have to scrub the dishwasher with baking soda when it's hot and rub HARD to get it off, then close it up and let it run for a bit so I can scrub it more.

- cloudy glasses, filmed dishes, dirty dishes etc that additives don't seem to help

- tan scale buildup in one of the toilets

- filthy black ring around tub that's difficult to clean

- had to replace tub faucet cartridge due to hard grey particles blocking the hot water yet it had been replaced only 6 years ago

Our municipality says our water source is a man-made lake 60 miles away, the ph is 7.8 and that we have a hardness average of 22 ppm, which is barely considered hard. I'm not sure why we're having all these issues if we don't have hard water.

My husband and I would like to have our water tested to try and figure out what's going on. So, what independent lab do you recommend, what tests would you suggest and why?


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Hardness leaves white, crusty depeosits, poor soap (lather) quality, dry skin, etc. Most of what you are describing sounds like iron or manganese. Iron leaves a variety of red, brown and tan colors.

My guess is that your city is using phosphates (poly-, bi-) in their treatment. Get a MUNICIPAL WATER TREATMENT REPORT. Find out what's in their water and how they are treating it.

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You can clean up the DW by adding distilled white vinegar after it has filled but before it runs the wash cycle.

About a quart seems to do a good job and does not add excessive water to the DW.

Citric acid powder also works, but can be harder to find.
About a cup of powder is needed.

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