Back up sump - Need rec for 12 V Deep cycle battery

jejvtrFebruary 2, 2011


I just purchased a Zoeller 507 back up sump & need to purchase a 12V Deep Cycle battery

ANy suggestions?

Thank you!

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I've found that using a regular automobile battery, (84 amp-hour), does well when power outages don't last more than a couple of days. YMMV.
Deep-cycle batteries, though, can be found at most marine supply stores.

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Car batteries are optimized to provide the high current needed to operate the starter in a car.
The cold craning amps are delivered for only about 30 seconds before giving the battery a chance to recover.

Deep cycle batteries are designed to deliver rated amp-hours at lower discharge rates, and not short out the plates as the enlarge from discharging.

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The Optima AGM batteries are available in deep cycle and are well thought of...

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Thank you all!

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