Cat's ingrown nail... what to do???

billbobagginsJuly 5, 2007

This is a first... our cat, Jake, has an ingrown nail(grew too long and is curling into his pad). My wife and I have tried to pull it out only to listen to Jake's wails and we'd stop because it obviously hurts. My wife always clips his nails but she missed this one obviously. Are we at a point that we have to take him to the Vet to get it out or are there any "home solutions" that any can share that we can try? thanks to all that provide feedback!

If a Vet is the solution, any idea to what a typical charge is?

If there is another stream addressing this please point me to it to review. Thanks!


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Bill, I recommend calling your vet's office, explaining the situation, and asking for an estimate of cost to have the ingrown nail removed and the puncture wound treated. It shouldn't be too terribly costly, and it will probably include antibiotics.

If it hurts when you try to remove the claw, just imagine how uncomfortable poor Jake must be trying to walk on it. Please take him to your vet ASAP so he doesn't have to hurt anymore.


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You have to go to a vet ASAP. I didn't clip my cat's claws the first 2 years I had her (even though they were long and sharp--my little velociraptor). After I started clipping her nails, the ingrown thing started. When her claws were sharp, she could pull off the old sheaths when she used her scratching post (actually, my good -- formerly good-- rug).

With her claws clipped, she can't pull off the sheaths. I won't clip her dewclaws anymore for that reason.

Vet costs vary. Of course, if the claw is really embedded in the pad, surgery would be necessary. It's probably not that dire. Get to the vet, though.

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I learned to trim cats' nails with a human nail clipper. This skill has saved much pain and worry.

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I would just go ahead and clip it. The ingrown part of the nail normally comes out very easily after that. If it was ingrown very far or if the puncture looks puss filled after the nail comes out then I would take kitty to the vet for a round of auntibiotics. Otherwise just keep it clean and maybe a little neosporin.


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Do not treat it yourself, as you do not know what it entails and you already got in trouble by neglecting it. Since it has pierced the pad and hurts the cat, it requires a vet. Neosporin is topical, and the cat can lick it off, so that doesn't do much.

Learn how to properly trim the nails so this doesn't happen again, and do it every month.

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Definitely have it seen. My dog just spent 2 nights in the ER due to a sore between his toes that we weren't aware of. He ended up with a bacterial infection thruout his system and very high fever.

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Well Bill, what did you do? How is the kitty?

I am with Lisa on this one, I would probably try to clip it and clean it out a couple times a day with a Betadyne solution- as long as the cat isn't running a fever of any sort.


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Take your cat to the vet! I had to have this done about 3-1/2 months ago to one of mine. She was walking normally so I never thought anything was wrong until she held her paw a certain way and I saw something shiny where there shouldn't have been. Turns out she had 2 claws that were deeply ingrown into her pads. The vet got them both out in about 7-8 minutes. There was (apparently)LOTS of bleeding, but the vet has stuff to make it stop. Kitty came home with me that day and I have been clipping faithfully ever since. Please take Jake to the vet! It cost about $30 I think.

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quasifish, if Bill never had a cat before and isn't savvy about cutting claws, how will he know if the cat has a fever?

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I would take my cat to the vet. This happened with a dog of mine the vet got the nail out of the pad and treated him with antibodics. I faithfully clip the dog nails every other month so no dog of mine will have that happen again. This is new so I will go check my cats feet. Thanks.
Please take Jake to the vet.

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