Peeling sweet potatoes ahead of time

mboston_gwDecember 24, 2011

I'm fixing candied sweet potatoes to take to a dinner tomorrow. I was wondering if I could peel the potatoes and leave them in water in the fridge overnight then cook them tomorrow morning and finish the dish?

Or could I peel, cook them partially tonight then add the brown sugar, spices, and butter tomorrow and just have to put them in the oven. Which would be the preferred method?

I just hate having to peel them in the morning while trying to get breakfast out of the way. Always ends up being a mess in the kitchen to come home.

Thanks! Happy Holidays everyone!

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You could do either but if time tomorrow is a concern I'd cook the potatoes and mash them today and doctor and bake tomorrow.

If the recipe is for sliced, rather than mashed, sweet potatoes I'd par cook them and finish them off tomorrow.

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If you need another opinion...I agree with chase.

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I'm taking oooey gooey sweet potatoes to dinner tomorrow. They're totally cooked and stashed in fridge. Will just need to be heated up before serving.

If you peel and put in container of water... I suggest weighting them down a bit so EVERYTHING is under water... they seem to develop dark spots when exposed to air.

AND DO NOT TRY TO RUN ALL THE PEELS DOWN THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL!! TWO years in a row ended up with a minor and MAJOR clog (needed professional help)... even though THOUGHT I ran disposal long enough with a lot of water??

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Potato peels are the plumbers' friends. Happens all the time during the holidays, hence extra charges for working on holidays. ;-)

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Rather than peel sweet potatoes, I bake them the day before. They're super easy to peel after they cool. I go ahead and slice them & top w/ butter & brown sugar and hold them overnight in the refrigerator. Reheat the next day & add marshmallows & return to the oven for a few minutes.

DH insists on candied SP. I love them just baked & buttered or even cold out of the refrigerator for a snack.

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I usually bake them too, but boiling is fine. Just don't overcook them and yes, peel then put in a bag or cover. We do ours in cooking syrup/caramel and only halve them. I like to have the heavy caramel on outside but some uncandied parts in the middle. Humph, spell check says uncandied is not a word. Too bad. LOL.

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I take the potato peels and other vegetable scraps out to the compost pile or the worm farm.

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