Best ceiling colors??

doonieMarch 16, 2010

I am curious as to what people think are the best colors to use for ceilings? Do you have a favorite neutral? Are ceilings better tinted blue or yellow? What do you think?

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I typically go a couple shades lighter than my wall color and it always seems to help balance the room.

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I like that look a lot.

But what to do in a room of red? The red goes pink right?

And what if you have a ceiling that spans several different areas with different colored walls due to an open floor plan? What do you think?

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I go for an Antique white. looks white, but not as stark as ceiling white. I use sherwin-williams antique white. 6127(i think) my husband loves it and it goes well with most colors. Maybe not gray or black but good with a beige, green, yellow, and ivory that we have in our house.

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Thanks birdtalker. I am looking at my ceiling and what ever color they used, it looks bluish to me. Then my trim looks creamy and then the red. So, it looks off. Trying to figure it out!

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I have also used SW Antique white in 2 of my rooms and my foyer and upstairs hallway. My family room is painted SW Baguette and the Antique white is the first color on that strip. I also used it with BM Powell Buff,and Splendor. I really like it. I have all my ceilings painted and some in blue. I'm not sure what to do with a red.

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I really like Benjamin Moore Timid White. It goes well with redish and greenish colors. I used it against BM's Salmon Stream and it was lovely. Once in a house where the ceiling was overly vaulted I actually went one shade darker than the wall color and it improved the proportions of the room.

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Ben Moore 956 is a good color that goes with just about anything.

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All ceilings are the same as the wall colors. However, I haven't used red yet, and I think that I would use the Antique White when/if I ever do.

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I'm using BM hot apple spice in my study. The trim is stained. I'm thinking of painting the ceiling brown, like kingsport gray.

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my laundry room is red, we went with a white ceiling (used the same white as the rest of the trim in our house).

all the rest of our ceilings are a lighter shade of the wall color.

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I had to look it up. BM 956 is Palace White.

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I'm using SW Antique White for my trim and crown molding but SW Creamy on the ceiling. It's a bit brighter and not quite as yellow.

It looks yellowish going on over primer but white next to all of my wall colors.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Great suggestions so far - a brown ceiling sounds yummy!

If it's not the same color as the walls or a tint of the wall color, and it needs to be a color of white, then I like the creamy whites or something warm like SW's Muslin. Some flavor of a color that will reflect the warmer, cozier colors from incandescent lights beaming up on to the ceiling.

The ceiling color, because it's at a different angle than vertical walls, will always show darker and grayer than most people expect from the chip. So you want to err on the side of lighter and clearer when working with chips and narrowing down the list of color samples to purchase.

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