Splicing into homes main line...

mlo1February 21, 2009

Home has a 1" black poly pipe mainline entering the crawl-space. It has a coupler connecting it to the homes copper plumbing. I am wanting to splice into the poly pipe with a brass "T" and some quality stainless hose clamps. This is to allow another 3/4" poly pipe to be run under a garage slab (before poured) to add a hose bib.

I would certainly want this connection to meet the scrutiny of proffesional plumbers and not be problematic in the future. Does a clamped brass "T" pass the smell test?


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I do not like poly pipe....install a 1 1/2" pvc sleeve under the driveway..that way if the pipe ever fails all ya gotta do is slide another thru
1" clamps box of 100 19.30 stainless steel crimp clamp
ez flare flezable pipe flare and crimping tool 32.75
poly tee..7.00
3/4 poly pipe .35 ft

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As long as the connection remains accessible, smells good to me. Isolation valve(s) are usually a good idea.

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frodo...are you proposing using crimps vs. clamps?

The path is a very gentle sweep. If one took the time to sift the dirt above and below the pipe of all rocks what else do you see causing failures?

Thanks gentlemen.

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The correct fittings and method to use would depend on whether the pipe is IPS or CTS. They do not interchange, and codes/applications require specific fittings

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I one managed a mobile home community with over 400 sites,
all the supply (service)lines were black polyethelene lines about 25 years old. We were digging up and repairing
or replacing on average 3 a month because of leaks and there is just no real suitable repair method. I would consider copper, pvc and or pex. The cost of the latter two is very low and comparable to poly. Just my opinion.

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