Party Mix Warning - Same Boxes, Less Quantity!

lov2gardenDecember 23, 2011

I've been using the same recipe for Party Mix for over 20 years and it's based on ounces of various cereals. Good thing I decided to check the actual weight of the box sizes I've always bought. The combined weight is now 10 ounces less for the same box sizes!

If I hadn't checked, I would have made a huge quantity (2 large roasting pans full) of the family Christmas favorite that would have been a greasy, salty disappointment!!!

Luckily, I had a partial box of one cereal on my shelf and could make up the diffence. 10 ounces is a lot of difference.

Just thought I'd warn others who count on box or bag size for their recipes!

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This thread goes hand in hand with the thread on margarine reformulation.

Companies adjust their products to keep up with the rising cost of producing them. Smaller packages and adjustments to ingredients.
Old recipes won't be the same. These companies would be doing themselves a favor if they would add comments on their products when they change something.

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A while back, supermarket had great price on 3 lb bags of 8 O'clock coffee... whole beans. It was a BOGO. Now I like math and noticed something right away. Three lbs time 16 oz a lb = 48 oz, right!?! These bags were something like 40 oz?? A half a pound off! Did a little math and it was still a good deal so bought it. mentioned to cashier and she said they haven't be a reall 3 lbs in ages?!?

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I try to carefully read the ounces and see how much everything is per ounce before I buy it. It is very to be given the wrong impression about cost/amount unless you do so. Thanks for the reminder.


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A lot of my older recipes have to be altered because of size changes in products. The last 3 years have been the worst for size changes in my memory. Party Mix was just one where I completely reworked the "master" recipe to cups instead of boxes of, and that happened several years ago for me. Making Party Mix is the only time I purchase commercial boxes of cereal (which is the biggest rip-off in the supermarket) and I noticed how thin the boxes were, even though the front profile was the same as years before, and then noticed the weight changes.

Another seasonal favorite was the flavored cocoa mix I've made for eons. The flavored coffee creamer now comes in much smaller sizes than when I came up with the recipe 22-years ago.

Tuna is now a 5 oz. can and I remember when it was 7.5 oz. and all the increments in between.

We opened a box of chocolates last night, and instead of all the chocolates being bunched together nested in brown candy papers, it was all separated in a pre-formed sheet of stiff plastic with LOTS of space between each piece. The candy pieces were also smaller than they used to be. So our diet started early with a 12-ounce box of chocolates, which used to be a 1-pound box, and before that a 1.5-pound box. Mind you, the size of the box remains the same....

Fool me once, shame on you.....fool me twice, shame on me!


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