Cat body language. What does your cat do? :0)

nicole__July 21, 2014

I google my cats body language and find articles explaining others must notice their cats "language? Anyone want to tell me one of their cats "sign" language & what it means?

Here's mine:

If his tail is straight up and cat is excited.....excited/happy about getting a kitty treat.

A foot shake of his front paw means "nasty" or disagreeable.

Sitting in a straight poised position with his head hung....means sad. (ie: Like after I refused to turn the sink faucet on so he could get a drink....he had a new pet water fountain and wasn't on board with it yet.)

Slowly closing his eyes blink(winkie wink).....I like you!

Silent mew while looking intently at you....hello!

A long mew.....I need you to come to me.(to turn on the faucet)

Three mews, loud....I caught a bird, mouse or bug....look!

Chattering while looking at birds through a window.....want to go hunt them.

Face hug: He crawls up to me in the morning, puts a paw on either side of my cheeks and purrs with half open eyes.

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An up and down paw move is no - I don't want it or like it.

A sideways paw wave is yes - I want it or I want to go under the covers.

One ear back - I see you coming with my medicine!

Several repeated "barking" meows - I want fresh food.

And she also caterwauls in the hallway but I have no idea why.

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This pic = "Come closer so I can smack ya" : )

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Good one Don ......

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My cat hangs over the footboard of my bed just like that picture and smacks you when you walk by!

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My mum's cat is alert and interested if something has captured her interest. Her ears will assume a straight-up orientation, and a forward posture. She'll usually greet us with ears erect, offering a friendly greeting.

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We have a large black kitty who loves to perch over corners like that, too. Although, usually, that's not a "hit" pose, he often is purring and wants interaction.

Lower-third of tail twitching: apparently means "I'm interested and engaged"--he does this all the time.

Lying on back with paws up in the air: AAAAHHH, relaxed

The "stare-down": I want to be fed.

Pawing at DH while on the recliner, or pulling on my clothes at the counter: I want to be fed.

Tapping my head in the middle of the night: wake up--I want company/I want to be fed

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