Problem with a water distribution blueprint?

jagoe1February 17, 2013

Hi, I'm renovating an old Victorian row home and am planning on installing all new interior plumbing. But I have a quick question about the architect's water supply plan. The existing water pipe running from the city main to the water meter is 3/4-inch, as is the pipe from the meter into the house. The architect wants to change the section of pipe from the meter into the house to a 1-inch line. (Something about code.) Will this cause any problems with pressure if the water from the main flows from a smaller pipe into a larger pipe before then splitting off inside the house? If so, is there some sort of regulator or valve that needs to be installed?

I know little and less about how these things work, so any input would be helpful as the project hasn't started yet, thanks!

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No, it won't cause any problems.

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Hey, thanks. I had a hunch it might be a dumb question. But I thought that if I didn't ask, that would be the one time it turned out to be something serious!

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