flushometer toilet vs. tank

kareenaFebruary 25, 2010

Pre-war apt in NYC (1929). Thought I needed to replace flushometer toilet with same. Tonight, just found out that I can use a tank - others have done it. Are there any negatives to doing this? Thanks

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Tank mechanism (float, flush handle, flapper) is more finicky than flushometer, in my experience. What's the advantage of replacing with a tank?

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advantage for me would be mostly appearance. But I don't like finicky!

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To refit to a tank-type, you'll probably have to open the wall to move and reconfigure the water supply line.
With good water flow and pressure, the flushometer toilet does a more effective job of flushing. (JMHO)

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followup on this - it's time for me to order the toilet. I see that TOTO, Kohler, American Standard and Gerber all sell these flushometer toilets. Is any one better than the other?

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I would definitely go with the flushometer and in my opinion they look better. I would like to purchase your broken flushometer, what is wrong with it?

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If you are in NYC, first measure the rough-in.
Most of the Flushometer toilets in New York City are on a 10" rough.

If what you have is 10", then you can't just go out and buy any toilet.
There are very few that will fit with only 10"

In a basic toilet, you could use a Cadet 3 with 10" tank.
Or if you want something nicer, you could look into TOTO, which makes several models that convert with a Unifit.
Only some of their models convert, and the adapter only works with Toto.

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I don't understand why you would want to change to a tank type. A Flushometer can be completely rebuilt in under 10 minutes for a mere fraction of the cost of buying a new toilet, and in the end, the flushometer is far more rugged and reliable than any tank type made.

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I have a similar issue in my coop in Westchester County NYS. The problem with flushometer toilets is that tenants do not maintain them and when the heads blow from wear, all the apartments under them get flooded big-time. The thinking is that tank toilets would not preent the same problem in that once the flusometer valve blows the full force of the all the water in that main is dumping into that bathroom until someone sees it and gets the superintendent to shut it off. With the tank toilets I have had in houses I have owned the water line to the tank is very small in diameter and even if the ball or valve doesn't seal well, the amount of water leaking is relatively minor.

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