What is the best brand of dog toothpaste?

caflowerluverJuly 16, 2009

Can you make your own? I have tried different brands and she does not like any of them. And she doesn't like the dual ended toothbrushes or finger tip glove toothbrush I have used. Anything else I should try?

It is a real effort to brush her teeth, but she gets a lot of plaque build up. And I can't afford the once a year $300-400 dental cleaning any more, so trying to keep them as clean as possible.


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How about some raw bones to gnaw on? Our dog is nine and he gets a couple raw bones a week. His teeth are pretty darn clean. Our vet sells toothpaste but has never suggested it for Spot.

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Katharina - Thanks for the reply.

But I would really like to have some recommendations for toothpaste. She really builds up plaque on her teeth and it needs to be cleaned off or she gets infected gums. She was a rescue and had really bad teeth from the start due to a very poor diet her first year or two and lost some teeth because of it.

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