Coordinating Granite Color Thoughts

TMo76March 21, 2013

We are in the process of selecting granite colors for our kitchen remodel and I would love thoughts/suggestions. We have decided on Stormy Nights for the island (which is a pretty large boomerang shape) but are undecided on what to use for the perimeter stone (perimeter counter space is a U shape). We are considering Black Pearl, Kodiak and St. Gabriel. I think the Black Pearl has more brown hues and the Kodiak is more of a true black but the designer seems to think otherwise. We want the focus to be on the island since Stormy Nights is so dramatic and has a lot of movement. We want the perimeter to be understated (hence the thought of solid black) but still be a nice complimentary stone. Appliances are black and stainless. Cabinets and floors are honey oak. Any thoughts on which shade of black would be best are greatly appreciated!!

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Have you already picked you stormy night slab? It will depend on that particular slab. Can you post a pic? Some slabs would be complimented well with different shades of black, tan, brown, gray, ect.

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Thanks for your response teachertile. I've uploaded a pic granite. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!!

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Thought a picture of the kitchen would help too. Thanks!

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That 'boomerang' is going to look great. Problem with picking a black or even a colour out of your slab as it lays upright, is that it may 'read' a totally different colour when laying horizontal.

You could go lighter than black, what about tieing in with the carpet in your DR too? The predominant colour I see in your Stormy night is sort of a greenish taupe. What other colours do you have in the adjoining areas? I assume you'd like to have some flow/continuity going on?

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What a beautiful slab!

I would lean toward black, possibly India black or absolute black. I would go with a honed or leathered granite or even soapstone, so that the island has all the shine.

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Here's a design principle I've learned from reading the forum:

Don't mix too many finishes in a small kitchen. One granite color on perimeter and island. I especially wouldn't do it when the island and perimeter space is almost 50/50.

Are you replacing your cabinets? If not, consider that you have builder basic oak cabinets in what most would call an outdated style. If you put the most fancy, WOW! countertop on those cabinets, what happens to the cabinets? Does it accentuate them, or do they now look even older? It's like putting gold rims on an old Ford Pinto or dressing Mother Theresa in a sequined ball gown. There's a discord. This is a common mistake when people update their counters and not their 15-20 year old cabinets. They get stars in their eyes when they see all the beautiful granite out there and have to have it.

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Your stone is very pretty. I agree with May that a single granite would look better than a mix. I also think you don't necessarily have to live with that boomerang, unless you love it. You could easily rearrange the base cabs a little before templating as there's no plumbing involved.

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I was just going to write that you would be better off staying with one stone, and then May_flowers beat me to it. Kitchens that have different stones for island and perimeters are large ones. Furthermore, the proportion to carry two stones is usually more perimeter linear footage than island linear footage, while your kitchen looks like perimeter and island are equal, or your island has more linear footage than the perimeter. It will be too busy to have two stones in your kitchen.

One more thing - make sure to bring home samples of your stone choices to look at them in your kitchen. You may find that a stone you love looks all wrong in your kitchen with its lighting, cabinetry, floors, etc. Do not skip this step.

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For your space stick with one color for all the countertops.

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Oh my, I had the exact same whitish formica in my kitchen. Thy showed everything!! I hated them! But I LOVE your stormy night slab. It is amazing! Have you considered putting a stain or glaze on your cabinets? I know it would add to your cost, and nobody wants to add to the budget. I would hate to see you give up that slab, but a compromise would be to stain the cabinets and choose a different granite that would work for the entire space. Even though I think stormy night would work for your entire kitchen. But if its a budget issue, you could reselect your granite.

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