Under sink water filter and seperate faucet

amav31February 26, 2011

I am planning to install a under-sink(culligan 600A) water filter. This model can be installed by tapping into the cold water pipe directly. Is there any downside to this kind of installation or should I buy a separate faucet for this filter? How is it usually done.? Will the water pressure be slow if connected directly to the cold water pipe? If so maybe a separate faucet is a good idea.???

Thanks for any input.

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The specs indicate that the 600A will work fine when installed in series in the cold water supply to the cold faucet.

You'll need to get the proper hardware to make the connections. If you're smart you'll allow for a graceful retreat back to the way the plumbing was if your don't like the filter or it fails or needs service.

Is there a particular aspect of your water quality you don't like because these filters will only do so much.

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Justalurker,I have no problem with my regular Brita filtered water. But my husband loves bottled water taste and he is wasting so much money on the plastic bottles. So I thought if I install this Culligan filter it may be better tasting than Brita filters. FYI I will ask my handyman to do the installation .

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I elected to get a separate faucet for the filtered water. I did not want to pay to filter water that I did not intend to consume.

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@weedmeister what filter faucet did you get?

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