chloster2435July 16, 2013

I just got a persian and we got her at 4-5weeks! I KNOW its terible we did not know when we got her that she was this young until we took her to the vet we named her balie and now since we had her for two weeks and she gained a pound she also had a eye infection which now is better but I was reading some things were being so long could have caused her to habe some social behavior issues but umm.. she is so gentle and loving and has great social behavior skills so is this rare?

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Does she show any signs of sucking on clothing or trying to nurse on you? If so Id get a toy bottle and give her fill of kitten milk & just let her be a baby. Kittens normally nurse up to 8, 10, even 12 weeks (the siamese breeds Ive heard go longer) even after starting solid food. Sucking is not cute, it can lead later on to obsessive obnoxious behavior and ingestion of clothing fibers can be physically harmful.

I had a kitten once who lost his mom at a young age (eyes had just opened) who I bottle fed and he turned into a great affectionate cat very bonded to humans.

On the other hand - a guy I knew took a kitten literally a day or 2 after just starting to eat catfood. He kept insisting that the kitten had been 8 weeks old so it "should have" been OK - turned into a nice enough cat but... has a sucking habit...

Feed her a good quality kitten food since she hasnt been getting nutrients from mom - but you're probably already doing that. sounds like you're on the right track!

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Sounds like you got a good one : ) Pictures?

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spedigrees z4VT

One of my cats came to me as a very young kitten also. She was a great cat and lived 23 years.

Congratulations on your new Persian baby! It sounds like she's doing well, so I wouldn't worry. Kittens are such fun! Enjoy her for they don't stay little long!

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My youngest furbaby just appeared on our porch and stayed....I knew she couldn't be very old and was so upset to think someone had put her out...Of course we made her our's and I noticed, she loved our bathroom throw rug and would lay on her belly, real close to the rug and knead for all she was worth....I thought then, she misses her mom.....She's over a year old and will still lay on the carpet and loves to lay on my chest, bury her head and knead and I know that's coming from her being taken too young.....Oddly, a few days after she moved in, a neighbor found her brother in her yard...The 2 cats are as different as night and day....My baby is a long haired, petite grey tabby and her's is a huge orange male tabby......I've never heard who had dumped these babies but if I ever get my hands on them, they'll get an ear full.....I might be a little old lady but don't mess with innocent furbabies......

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