Switched cat food

schoolhouse_gwJuly 2, 2011

No more Fancy Feast and Meow Mix. I decided I wanted something better for Kitty, he's only been on wet food for three years, always had MM available; but now that he's 10yrs.old I've decided I want and can afford a good food. Plus, the feral cat is here to stay so there will be two.

Decided on Evo canned (chicken/turkey - just one can for right now to see if they like and tolerate it) and also bought a small bag of "Taste Of The Wild" for dry. Probably don't even need the dry, but I felt they were used to having that available. I may eliminate the dry later. Starting out with 2tbl. each of the canned. Kitty (older cat) usually eats 3oz. a day, half in the afternoon, finishes the other half when he comes in at night. I'll split it up for Pretty(outside, feral cat), too.

Kitty really liked the Evo! But like I say, he doesn't eat alot all at once. He saves some for later. :) Will try it out on Pretty the half grown kitten here in a bit. She eats in the morning and afternoon and then a little in the evening. Will be on the look-out for upset stomachs! esp. Kitty. I think Pretty, being feral, will eat and digest about anything.

Hopefully I can continue to afford it. I feel like it's the right thing to do. I know there has been plenty of discussion here on pet food brands, but I wondered if anyone else finds Evo a good one. I did some research on cat food brands this morning before I went to buy. Wellness was another one that was very favorable.

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My cat is a FF eater also, but only because that's all she'll eat. She refuses all the high quality foods and tries to bury them.....and has been doing so since she was a kitten.

I'm surprised you can get by with 3 oz a day, but maybe it's because of the dry food. My gal gets only the canned and she eats 3- 3 1/2 cans of FF a day. She's a big cat, not fat, just tall & long in body and legs, and is a year old.

I've heard good things about the Evo and am glad to hear your cat likes it.

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I think the Evo has more concentrated nutrition, so kitty shouldn't need to eat as large an amount.

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Well, apparently they don't care for the "Taste of The Wild" dry. Neither one will touch it, just sniff and walk away. Usually that's what I put out for the feral first thing in the morning and she dives in - nadda on the new stuff. Waits for the Evo. :)

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Older kitty has decided he doesn't like the Evo today. This morning he licked at it and ate a thimbleful, since then he keeps crying that he wants some supper but every time I put it back down he walks away. Just awhile ago he went over to the cabinet in the pantry where I used to keep the FF canned food, he's never done that before. Ha. Must be getting desperate trying to tell me "he ain't eating that Evo stuff".

Maybe I'll mix a wee bit of FF with the new canned and see if that helps.

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Given the choice, cats will always choose to eat the cheaper foods like FF and MM. IMO, reason is those foods are supplemented with flavors to make them taste good whereas natural foods are not. Feed your cat the best food you can afford whether they act crazy about it or not and get rid of any other food you have on hand. Your cat isn't going to starve itself and it will eat the better food when it is hungry and realizes it isn't going to get anything else. I went through the same thing when I switched my cats to TOTW, but now they eat the food with the same gusto they did with the cheaper filler/grain filled junk food with added flavors.

I'm not a food purist and I know that cats and dogs have survived just fine on grain filled foods for decades... I just think if you're interested in feeding grain free you shouldn't give up easily or think that the attraction to an added flavor somehow means the pet isn't going to eat and get used to a better food.

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Thanks. I went out and bought a can of FF and mixed a little tiny bit into the Evo. Kitty ate every bit of it. Pretty the feral cat has no problem, but also will not eat the new dry. Unfortunately, I broke down and offered the MM (since I still have a half of a bag left). Both started eating that right away. Perhaps I'll start mixing the two dry foods, too.

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Our cats love EVO dry--first, the original formula/flavor, and now the weight management version (chicken and turkey flavor). EVO IS a very calorie-dense food.

When we added EVO wet/canned food to their diet, they didn't seem to like the regular canned EVO (too many carrot/tomato bits perhaps--they kept leaving those in the bowl!). We tried the 95% EVO (comes in diff combo's, we feed turkey and chicken), and they ate that right up, so that's what we give them. Our girls get 1/2 a can each daily (plus dry EVO). We mix in ~1/4 can of hot water (total) with the wet food in order to get the cats to take in some extra water .

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The PBS Pet Health store I buy from didn't have the dry Evo in chicken and turkey on the shelf at the time, should have waited until they got some more in. They would special order anything for me, too if I asked. Not only are the staff pet owners, yes even farmers, and very interested and knowledgeable about animal foods,the store is close thus so convenient.

The one clerk said her Maine Coon cat developed crystals in her urinary tract and so she doesn't feed a fish formula of any food. She gives her cat Taste of The Wild canned venison flavor. It has a pic of a cougar on the can! :)

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My cats didn't like that Taste of the Wild dry stuff either. I have an IBD cat and for a long time he ate Natural Balance canned Duck and Pea and then when he got tired of that he ate Chicken and Pea for a long time. Then he just wouldn't eat it any more so I tried a bunch of other grain free options - since I'd run out of limited ingredient foods that he would eat. I've now settled on Wellness Grain Free canned food - and he also still eats some Natural Balance Duck and Pea dry food. I have two other cats who eat whatever IBD cat eats and they are liking the Wellness food also. I tried a bunch of flavors and they seem to like the chicken and turkey the best.

There was a time when my cats ate FF - only because I had a CRF cat who would no longer eat CRF food and I gave him whatever he wanted just to get him to eat. At that point everyone was eating whatever CRF cat was eating. They since have had no problem making the switch off of FF.

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I've been feeding my cats all Wellness canned. They eat one big can and one small can a day and it's really getting expensive. I want to feed them quality food but I'm wondering if anyone knows of good quality food that is a little easier on the budget? I'm spending over $150 a month on food alone for them and I'd love to cut that down a little. Thanks!

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chi83, I save by adding real meat to the foods. I supplement to ensure adequate nutrients. Sometimes I get trim ends off of various cuts, sometimes organ meats, sometimes just ground raw turkey at Aldi. The cats get a pinch of raw for treats but I cook the rest in the crock pot. Add a few egg yolks sometimes toward the end of cooking then mash the bejeebers out of it all. It replaces about one-third of the high quality grain free foods, such as Natural Balance Limited Ingredient foods or Wellness. I have an IBD sufferer, a 'triad syndrome' sufferer, A CRF sufferer, and assorted other interesting conditions with the 7 house cats here. Substituting some of the tinned foods with plain meat has been a great boon. Just don't cook with onion, garlic, leek or anything that grows from a bulb or corm. I don't season the meat at all.

With 7 house cats, several fosters and a bunch of (now spayed and neutered) ferals, our cat food bill is through the roof, so any saving at all is great.

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chi83, I hear you. I want to do what's right but am on a limited budget as well. Only have two cats though plus a senior pup, so it's not too hard on the pocket. I'm still figuring out how much the cats are eating and how much they really need since it's only been a week or more on the Evo.

harebell, I was thinking of that the other day. If the can says "real chicken and turkey", well heck why not buy some "real chicken and turkey"! But, I realize there's more to it than that. :)

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