managing bowel disease in my dog

asoftwelcomeJuly 16, 2010

Hi everyone,

I just joined these forums out of desperation to help my dog. She is a 13 year old lab mix and we found out recently she has a tumor on her liver. It was operable, but she also developed serious bowel disease around the same time, so was not a candidate for surgery. I'm working with my vet, she receives acupuncture and injections about every 2 weeks, which have been helpful. She's mostly on a home cooked diet, though lately she gets whatever she'll eat. I give her a medication for nausea, and one for diarrhea whenever she seems to need it most. In the last week, she seems to feel bad/no interest in eating about every other day. The plan is to keep her comfortable until she lets us know she's had enough. Any ideas on how I can comfort her during this time, or anyone have experience managing bowel disease? Thanks for your time.

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I'm sorry about your dog. My Max didn't have bowel disease but he did have liver cancer. He stopped eating because of it, and we had to put him to sleep. My Max, your typical Lab, had never missed a meal in his life before the cancer, and we knew that when he refused to eat it was because he was miserable. Most dogs with bowel disease eat; I think it is the cancer that is making her feel bad.

Is she on pred to help control the bowel disease? It would also stimulate her appetite...

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