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olyagroveJuly 21, 2010

I am heavily involved in cat rescue...Puppies and dogs have never been my territory.

I was at the Humane Society with my foster kittens on Sunday and as I was leaving the shelter, a man brought in a tiny pathetic looking puppy. HS does not take strays (they are no kill) and puppy had to go to HCAS. Given the sad state the pup was in, I was pretty certain HCAS would euthanize after the standard stray hold.

The guy said he found the puppy and felt horrible for it..He was begging for help and said he could not bring himself to take the dog to AS...so I took the puppy home.

I did have a dog once, growing up, so I remember the basics...to some extend.

As I mentioned, puppy looked bad. The lower half of the body does not have any fur. The butt is naked and pink. The tummy was horrible extended. He only had fur on and around his neck...

Puppy went to the vet on Monday. The vet did two scrapings, did not find mites - but said mange is most likely. Demodex was not ruled out, but the absence of mites could mean the more favorable (well, in comparison with demodex) sarcoptic mange. So, pup is on Revolution and wait and see. Got the shots and deworming...

I am reading up on puppies in the meantime as much as I can...Luckily, local rescue group people were helpful and offered good advice...Still got lots of questions

1. What kind of pup do you thin he is (as in, what is mixed in)?

He is 7-8 wks old, per vet. I think he was just a tad over 5 lb. Super smart. Fetches, waits to go potty outside while he is in his (spacious) crate. Does not bark much and is very excited about cats - in a good way - no chasing, but wants to make friends.

When he barked, he howled a bit at the end. But he really rarely barks. Such well behaved guy.

Does not like wet grass...

Here is a better, much more flattering picture ...his butt and belly have no fur and look much worse.

2. I got him puppy food, wet and dry. I am giving him goats milk, and he enjoys it. If I am to cook meals for him - I feed my cats half Innova/Welless, half wet, and some cooked meals - what kind of veggies are good and OK?

Are raw veggies better? Too early?

He really liked cooked rice mixed with cooked ground beef and some warm goats milk...

3. Someone must have owned him, even though he is so young. He behaves very well when crated, just plays with his toy AND waits to go potty. But if I let him out of the crate and in the house, he feels it is OK to go potty. As long as it is outside the crate. I usually try to pick him up and off to backyard...but yesterday he was running around the living room and had a few accidents...

What is the best approach to teach him that it has to be outside the crate and outside in backyard? Is it a matter of patience and time? It is easier with kitties, give them potties and they will do the rest :)

Thank you for your words of wisdom.


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Hi Olya,while I'm a dog person I can't answer your questions.I've recently taken in another stray pup and I have found its a trial and error period for me.I just wanted to say thank you for opening your heart and home to a pup in need.I'm sure someone will come along and answer you questions.

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First let me say, God Bless you for taking the poor baby in,you will never regret it and that pup will love you more than you can ever imagine for opening your heart and home to him. How someone can let a puppy get mange boggles my mind. It is a matter of patience & time before the pup will be house broken,he sounds like a smart pup so you may not have to wait to long for him to learn to go outdoors, just keep a good schedule on feeding and normally they poop & pee about 1/2 to 1 hour after eating. I would hold back his water say around 7 at night so his bladder isnt to full to hold it over night. It's been many years since I had a pup so others will give you great advice. Once again, your an angel to have saved this cutie. My guess would be part terrier and something LOL.... he's adorable. Best Wishes

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There are few times when things like this happen that they get shared with so many others. I have a strong feeling this pup was placed in your hands for a very good reason. Kudos to you for rescuing him. He is adorable.
You might want to get him set up with some clothing for the upcoming winter, that hair might never grow back. Also protect his skin from the sun when he is outside, they sell t shirts at any pet store.
If you are already starting training you are ahead of the game. I would suggest getting Trader Joes canned dog food (it is high quality food at a buck a can) cant beat that. TJs also carries high quality treats.
As far as what he is, he is too young to really figure it out. he does have longer ears for his head than normal and look at those paws - YETI FEET....
Will you keep poting pics as he gets settled??? I would love to follow his story. I bet you will never regret taking him home. I vote you Pet Forum hero of the month!!

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How lucky for this pup that you were in the right place at the right time. Sounds like what you're doing is working.
Please keep us up to date on his progress.

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The poor little thing! Though lucky, too. Lucky that he found you!!!

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As smart as he is, given size and looks, I'd say he's a pit bull.

He doesn't need milk any more. At 8 weeks he's already weaned; pit bulls are usually weaned by 6 weeks. The innova/wellness foods are great (puppy formula of course). I wouldn't add any veggies yet because during this critical growth period you don't want to upset his mineral balance which is already correct in the food. Canned and/or dry is fine.

Keep him on a 6 foot leash in the house, attached to you. He can't sneak off and pee or poop, and when he starts sniffing around you can take him right out. You can also interrupt any accidents in progress and correct him. If you can't have him attached to you, he's in the crate. Also keeps him from getting into other trouble such as chewing things he shouldn't, etc.

You've done a great thing, and I'm sure he's going to be the best dog ever with a little patience and time.

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As I haven't had a dog in a few years, I don't want to give you the wrong advice.

I just want to thank you for taking the puppy home. If only there were more people like you.

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What a good thing for you to do. This little dog will be a grateful pet who will repay you back many ways.

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Thank you so much, every single one of you, for all your kind comments and advise. Really appreciate it.

Puppy is doing and looking better, so he might be responding to Revolution. Itching a lot less and playing like crazy :)

Thank you!

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I'm happy to hear he's doing better. You must keep us updated with pictures...

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I WAS A Breeder and re-homed my now spayed/neutered babies (to pet ONLY homes) as I needed to concentrate in my current dx of terminal inoperable brain cancer. We re-homed all but our male Golden (the one we have had the longest male recently our other studs were re-homed, he's 9 mos old, and the kids were crying and crying and he's a good boy! We miss them badly, they didn't just reproduce they were part of our FAMILY!

ANY how, I see some lab in that pup, I'm trying to remember back... has any hair grown back? The vet believes mange, with any help? Was he fully checked.. blood [panel - heartworm etc) You're his angel and I oray it gets better soon, never experienced, just a Golden who won't stop shedding and he'll be bald too!
Sincerely, Joy (mama of Maxy *Maxamillion Braveheart*

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His face doesn't look too much like pit bull to me but his stance does. I would just keep him on puppy food at least until he's six months or more. I have a ten month old puppy and they need the nutrients in the specially formulated puppy food. As for house breaking, unless you can give him undivided attention, he should be confined to an area that is easy to clean (kitchen floor if it is tile) or kept in crate. Dogs won't soil their sleeping area. I would carry him from crate to the outdoors so he connects potty with outside. I hung some bells on the back door and taught Georgy to ring them when she needed to go out. Of course, in the beginning she would ring them just to go out and play. If your diligent, your puppy should be pretty much trained in a few short weeks. Good luck and much joy with your new family member.

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