installing a 3/4" RPZ on a washing-machine line

talley_sue_nycFebruary 23, 2014

I live in a 10-unit cooperative apt. bldg in NYC; we are self-managed, and every apartment has a director on the board.

There was a recent requirement by NYC to install backflow inhibitors on buildings our size. We were able to get a double check valve (DCV) instead of the more elaborate & expensive RPZ (reduced pressure zone) device.

One of the issues that has come up is whether you have coin-op washing machines, and how many, etc., etc., and one of the possible solutions is to install separate 3/4" RPZ (reduced pressure zone) devices on the washing machine's water line itself.

Does anyone know how much it would cost to install those, and how convoluted it is?

On, I saw 3/4" rpz's for $50, and $170, and $270. I don't know which are appropriate for a single washing machine, and I don't know how much it would cost to install.
Does anybody have any ballpark guesses?

And the building-rated RPZ would have involved building some sort of drain, since the RPZ sends the excess backflowing water out of the device and into a drain.
Do the little ones need that draining capacity? How hard is it to install? Of course there is a drain line nearby, since it would go on the water line close to the machine.

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Can't speak for NY, but in Illinois, RPZs must be tested and certified yearly by a trained-certified-and-licensed-to-test-and-certify-RPZs plumber. Seems to be something to avoid unless required by code.

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Wow. Even a small one on a single-unit line? (not a building-wide one)
What about the ones that are in the washing machine? The commercial-grade machines we currently rent have an internal RPZ.

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Can't say. You'd be best to call in a plumber for a quote. He would know what the code requires. My basic understanding for Illinois is that they are required for irrigation systems, fire sprinkler systems and boilers above a certain size. My town required an RPZ installation on my lawn sprinkler system a few years back. I've got hot water heat (single family home) and no requirement for RPZ - yet - but the town did send out a mandatory survey with the water bill where you had to indicate if you had a boiler, so it's probably coming in the near future.

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