What do you do with old cabinets?

annkh_ndMarch 7, 2013

I wonder what other people do with old cabinets and appliances?

I have room in my laundry room for one set of base and uppers, and I'm giving the rest to our neighbors, who will use them for basement storage. Anything else - sink, remaining cabinets, appliances (if we decide to replace them) will be donated to Habitat for Humanity.

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My stuff was too old for Habitat, but I sold them on eBay. (They were mid century metal cabinets with a framed laminate front). I think I started them at $20, must pick up, and there was actually a bit of competitive bidding on them. They went into someone's garage as a workshop.

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We sold our dishwasher on Craigslist. My husband cracked the glass stove top during demo so it had to be trashed. Some cabinets went in our garage, others went to our dump's "take it or leave it" and were nabbed before my husband finished unloading them. Our old sink was a mess of chipped enamel so it went to the dump but if I had been thinking clearly, I would have held on to it. I am sure I could have found a creative use for it in my garden. It could have been a toad house or something. I just was not in the right creative mode when he was dumping things.

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Our kitchen was builder-grade but only 12 years old, and we sold every bit of it on Craig's List, right down to the kitchen sink (with faucet and disposal still attached).

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My 50-year-old cabs were Woodmode, and Habitat ReStore took them. But the cabs from the original 1940 kitchen, which was remodeled in 1961, are in the garage and basement. The funny thing is that I didn't recognize what they were until I did my own remodel in 2011. Now when I walk around my neighborhood, I can see that many people have what are clearly old kitchen cabs in their garages.

ReStore also took my sink, faucet, GD (which wasn't very old), and cooktop. They were supposed to take my oven, but scrappers stole it before it could be picked up. Long story.

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Our peninsula went outside for tool storage under an overhang, the sink and sink cab went to the in-laws as an outdoor hand wash station, a bunch of the uppers went to my BIL for his garage, and some are in the shed for storage.

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Molly Phillips

We were building a place for our small business and reused the hickory cabinets in the break room and through the rest of the area as storage. We were lucky enough to reuse the granite as well, which helped the planet and our pocketbook, as we were able to "buy" them from ourselves with our business loan (so it helped pay for the kitchen reno) and saved us from having to buy other counters (which would have been laminate anyway).

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You bring it all down cellar and make a basement kitchen, of course.

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In this neighborhood, they get placed on the curb for recycling. It takes about a day, but someone will come along and salvage them.

Or they are installed in the garage for storage.

I'm moving one of the laundry cabinets into the kitchen, and the other goes curbside.

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We moved a bank of cabinets and countertops to the laundry room in the basement, giving us a great area for folding and storing rarely used serving pieces and appliances. The major appliances and sinks were donated to Habitat for Humanity.

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Most of my cabinets, the stove, hood, microwave & sink went to Habitat ReStore.
The only cabinet I saved was a largger pantry unit that I put in my lower level and I use it for games, exercise stuff...etc.
I donated my frig to a family that needed a second frig.

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Oh, to have a cellar or basement and a basement kitchen....

Our old cabs were site built and the uppers were a bear to get off the wall so were destroyed in process. We donated the tall pantry cab and a drawer base that managed to survive the sledgehammer to Restore. A friend salvaged the other drawer base and the peninsula cabs piece. They now live in his kitchen as an island or sometimes a peninsula (in a very unfitted, cheap bachelor style sans range or even cooktop) so I get to visit parts of my old kitchen on occasion. Seeing them doesn't make me nostalgic for them.

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Our GC helps those less fortunate and installed for a low income family.

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We sold all the cabinets and the island on Craigslist for a steal. I was glad they were able to be reused, and the couple that took them were beyond thrilled to have them.

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Annie Deighnaugh

GF's kitchen remodel became DH's new workshop.

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People like me buy them from Restore centers.

a2gemini, what's your GC's name?

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He is from Manchester - Bill Brushaber
Some of my items also went to the PTO thrift store if they weren't reused.

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Gave them to a friend. Theoretically, I could have used them in the garage but I hated them so much that I wanted to see them gone. :-)

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I painted mine (still in the process) and we designed a pantry for them.

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I would love to have some used ones for our church. Especially newer ones. Our sacristy really needs them!!!

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