Getting my dog's teeth cleaned at the vet office - Help!

babydoggieJuly 3, 2009

hello everyone! i am taking my dog to get her teeth cleaned by the vet in about 5 days. she has build up on most and is not feeling comfortable as she rubs her front paws against them. we asked the vet to use the gas anesthesia which i read somewhere is less dangerous. my dog is 8 1/2.

we got a call from them today saying the doctor wants her to take antibiotics for three days before the procedure. is this normal? i trust them, but

i am just freaking out, scarred about the whole thing. can feel the anxiety building up as the day approaches. one of the reasons is that a month ago we lost our other dog of almost 11 years. we had to put her down due to tumors in the chest literally the following day after we found out. very, very, very hard for all of us.

if anything happens to this one, i know i'll lose my mind. is there anything else i should ask them to do or i should do to help recovery, comfort and minimize risks?

can anyone share a success story and help me feel a bit better about this procedure? thank you all!

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Its not that big of a deal. My old girl had her teeth cleaned at the vet also, we had it done while she was already under though for surgery. The antibiotics is probably just a precaution to avoid the dog getting an infection. I would not worry too much. The only reason they even use the anesthesia is so that they can do a good job without getting bitten and making the dog go crazy.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

You need to have a more positive outlook, trust your Vet completely, and be sure that none of your tension goes to your dog.

If people or animals have excessive bacteria in their gums, or if they need the protection, antibiotics in advance will help keep them safe from the bacteria getting into their bodies and doing damage.

We had both of our dogs done last fall, and it is a great thing to do for them. There are even Vet dentists anymore - that seems to be a new specialty.

That bacteria if left alone, can work its way under the gums into bad places. When the teeth are cleaned, they go way up under the gums, and clean whatever needs it. Frankly I was worried about our 10 year old dog, but I trusted our Vet.

After this is done, you ought to brush his teeth each night. The toothpaste we use tastes like chicken, so they are anxious to have their teeth brushed.

Relax. You are doing a very good thing for your dog.


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Taking antibiotics before dental work or cleaning is a normal precaution and safer for your dog.

Is there any way you could have this done sooner, so you don't have so many days to worry?

Your anxiety is understandable, considering your recent sad experience, but there are techniques you can use to relax, such as positive visualization, guided imagery and diaphragmatic breathing.

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Think of it like when you go to the dentist to get a cleaning...can you imagine a dog having to stay still for so long. Its really nothing to worry about.

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Actually it sounds like your dentist is on the ball. Many vets dont go the extra mile to make sure your dog is protected from germs by putting it on antibiotics. You have a good vet, your dog should be fine.

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THANK you trinigemini, sammy, petaloid, trinigemini and mazer so much for sharing your thoughts! you all have sure made me feel better about this...

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I just took in both my cats for some extensive dental work and my vet gave me 4 days of antibiotics to give to them before their procedures. It's a very good precautionary measure to take.

I myself have a heart issue and prior to any dental work for me my dentist prescribes 4 days of antibiotics.

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We have our dog's teeth done by the vet on an annual basis as part of their routine care, before the tartar builds up enough to be a health risk. Bad teeth can cut short an otherwise healthy dog's life. Some breeds tend to have tartar build-up more quickly than others. I have a new miniature greyhound, and I hear they are prone to tartar build-up and peridontal disease. Sure, I get nervous when my pets have to be under anesthesia, but it's a pretty typical part of keeping your dog healthy.

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