Feline enlarged lymph nodes?

petra_gwJuly 31, 2011

The little stray we took in recently (probably a bit over a year old) still has very enlarged lymph nodes in his neck. It's been a little over 2 weeks since he was tested, neutered, and given vaccinations. He tested negative for diseases and the vet thought the lymph node swelling was due to a bad case of ear mites and a related ear infection in both ears. He was given a long-acting antibiotic shot to get rid of the ear infection.

The nodes are not as hard as they were, they are quite soft now, but still very enlarged. His ears are much improved, but he still shakes his head and scratches at them from time to time. Other than that, he is very playful, active and eats and drinks well and has gained a pound since he was weighed at the vet office. He is young, still lots of kitten behavior.

I know in people it can take a while for lymph nodes enlarged due to infection to go down, does anyone know if it's the same for cats? I will check with the vet as well, but thought I'd ask here first since they are closed today.

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sorry, I didn't see this earlier.

How's your new guy doing now?

Just in case:
I always think that, if they're eating & drinking & using their box, & if they're playful & don't take your hand off when you handle whatever's sensitive, & if nothing is red or hot or hard, they'll do until you can get them to the vet.

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