Walking a blind & deaf dog

sashaleeJuly 7, 2014

I have an 11 year old dog who has gone blind & deaf. She gets very excited to go on a walk and does great walking for awhile but then - no matter how long or short the walk is - at some point she will begin for no apparent reason to refuse to continue walking. She doesn't seem tired, just lost and determined not to go further and pulls aimlessly in the opposite direction. Any suggestions?

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Don't make her go farther, go home. She is trying to tell you that she has had enough. If you were walking a senior citizen and she told you she was ready to go home, you'd take her home. You are sweet to get her out for a walk, so keep it up, but be sensitive to what she wants. Maybe she gets confused or scared.

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I am taking her home when she goes on strike and pulls in the opposite direction. I have gone with her in whatever direction she wants. I have stood still with her. I have sat down with her. I have pet her, talked to her, been patient, walked with a strong lead. Nothing seems to work. Our walks are terrific until this happens - every time.

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Oh, I see! It certainly is difficult for you then. I hope someone else here has a suggestion for you.

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I have a rescued deaf partially blind dog. He was a puppy mill cross of two blue Merle Aussies .
I found that his sense of touch is very sensitive.
He will bark when the UPS truck comes spinning up the drive. Oh he is deaf but feels the vibration as the truck rattles to a stop.

I have found that my dog gets confused. His other senses are compensating for his impairments .
I wonder if your dog does not want to walk further do to scent changes or terrain changes.
Mentally note if your stops are at the same spot .
I would not encourage her to walk further.
She senses something, a smell, a new smell or disorientation.
Could be she balks due to a hidden issue she senses .

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An internet search with the phrase "walking a deaf and blind dog" (but no quotes) turned up a number of ideas/strategies.

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She may have a type of dementia. Talk to your vet since they now have meds that may help with her confusion.
One of my previous dogs was blind and deaf and he would get confused on walks. He later showed definite signs of dementia, or a neurological problem, and we had to stop all walks. Does your dog ever get 'lost' in the house and end up standing in a corner?

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