rabbits food in litter box question

mathdanJuly 25, 2009

We have rescued two bunnies and are in the process of litter box training them. We have a 4' x 4' pen with a cat litter box being used as the litter box. (That's what the rescue organization used). In this litter box we have a dog wee pad on the bottom to absorb the pee, hay, and care fresh litter. The rabbits do go poop in there sometimes and pee in there mostly. We have a pellet food bowl outside of the litter box and the bunnies are pooing a lot by the bowl and sometimes peeing there. The question is, can we move the pellet bowl into the litter box also? We know that rabbits poo and pee right where they eat so we were thinking that if we moved the food bowl there, they would do most if not all of their pooing and peeing in the litter box.


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I'd get rid of the litter box and line the entire pen with timothy hay. Then train the bunnies to go into the pen to pee/poop instead of on the floors. Mine did that.

Also rabbits don't need pellets at all, just timothy hay and fresh veggies such as parsley, mixed salad greens (no iceburg lettuce), dandelion greens, turnip greens, mustard greens, celery leaves, etc. Pellets generally just make them fat.

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