Feeding requirements on the dog food bags

debbiep_gwJuly 30, 2009

I recently switched my two bassets,Lucy and Sally from a cooked diet of chicken/rice with vegetables to Taste of the Wild,Pacific stream formula.Its been about 8 weeks and they are doing well on it.I choose this brand because it is grain free and I can get it locally.Lucy suffers from skin allergies and acid reflux and Sally suffers from excess stomach acid(throws up bile).I've recently been able to get Lucy off of metoclopromide,she took it every night to help with the stomach acid that was causing acid reflux,I've recently gotten Sally off of predisone that she took every other day for throwing up bile,(never was quite sure why this medicine was used,it was explained though)I started out using the feeding guidelines on the bag,I believe it was like three cups or so a day for their weight.Their weight is 43lbs approximately.These are not active dogs whatsoever,the most active they are is moving from one piece of furniture to another piece of furniture.I noticed after several weeks of the dry food Lucy threw up twice,I'm sure it was from overeating and drinking to much water afterwards.I had already decreased the food to 3/4 cups(3 x's day) of dry food at the time.I recently decreased it to 1/2 cup three x's a day.They still get snacks(crackers)Lucy seems to be hungry all the time now though.In the beginning at one cup of food she seemed satisfied,now she lays in the kitchen floor waiting on her food or snacks.Thats her cue she wants to eat.Sally seems fine with 1/2 cup 3 x's a time.I also think Sally has gained a couple of pounds but not Lucy.Any advice on how much to feed them.I've gone from 1 cup to 3/4 cup to 1/2 now and I'm thinking 1/2 cup is not enough.I must say its been so much easier using dry food than cooking but it hasn't helped to much with Lucy's skin allergies.I've come to the conclusion its grass that bothers her,if it touches her stomach she will start itching.Her skin problems are contained to the stomach.Debbie

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I would ask your vet. Mine said never follow instructions on the bag, they want you to buy more food, so will always tell you to overfeed your dog.

My vet recommended I feed my 65lb, very active lab 3 cups of food a day total (including treats). Bassets that weigh less and move less probably need alot less than that. We probably give Hank more than 3 cups total, but we watch his weight pretty carefully and make sure he gets alot of excercise. Everyone thinks he too skinny and makes sure to tell us we should feed him more, but when we first adopted him, my vet said, "don't ever let anyone tell you he's too skinny. He's perfect and almost all other labs are way too fat!". LOL

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