dog scrathcing and licking penis

ivamaeJuly 5, 2013

I'm watching my sons dog for a few weeks and he is licking and scratching a lo, particularly around the penis area.. I have been giving him some dollar store rawhide. Is there a possibility that this may be causing it? He is having no problems urinating. He is a Beagle - 5 years old.

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rawhides are forbidden in my house. they are not digestible and will often cause an intestinal blockage that will lead to a very expensive surgery. i would think rawhides from the dollar store are even worse junk than what you would get elsewhere. i love the dollar store, don't get me wrong, but it's the last place i would buy any kind of chewable toy for my dogs.

it's quite possible these are causing the beagle's problem. i suspect they are loaded with preservatives of all kinds and he could be having a reaction to such.

if he's an avid chewer and needs something to keep him occupied, see if you can find some bully sticks. (if you don't know what they are, ironically, they are dried bull penises). they are great treats and dogs LOVE them!

also, you could get a small kong and stuff it with peanut butter or cream cheese and then freeze it. it'll keep him busy for a good while.

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Licking around the abdomen can be from a multitude of possible problems from fleas, to urinary scalding, to allergic dermatitis that is not flea related... but I think the liklihood that it has anything to do with ingested rawhide is extremely remote.

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I would NOT buy dollar store raw hides if you are going to give them buy some good quality ones without chemicals. Like lzrddr said it can be a lot of things. Yeast comes to my mind first and can be brought on by food allergies. Be really careful what you feed him and do not treat with anything sweet which feeds yeast. Food allergies are extremely common these food, the cheaper stuff(even the not so cheap stuff!) is loaded with corn which is now genetically modified which makes it really harmful. Of course, he could just have fleas!

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Corn is certainly NOT the most common thing for dogs to develop food allergies to. In fact, it is about 6-7 on the list. Not sure 'cheapness' of the ingredients has any effect on allergies, either. But the more ingredients that are found in the diet, the more opportunities for a dog's immune system to develop an allergy to them. Food allergies are not uncommon, but still far less common than other allergies (fleas being at the top of the list) such as pollens, house dust mites and other environmental antigens.

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