Nearing install day... what have I forgotten?

SLTKotaMarch 16, 2013

Some of you may have seen my stolen cabinet post a while back...

Well I have hopefully a week or two away from getting my cabinets installed with counters installed shortly there after.

I'm trying to figure out what else I need to have ready? My kitchen was stripped down to the sheet rock so I need everything. The new wiring, sheet rock, ceiling work, and paint is all done. I feel like I just need to wait but I don't really know. I haven't ordered appliances yet because I don't have a concrete date for when cabinets and counters will be done.

I have:

Know I need order (I've picked them out):
Range (slide in),
Garbage disposal,
Under cabinet lights

What all of this do I need before the cabinets and granite go in? I know they need the sink for the counters but do they also need the range since I am doing a slide in? Should I try to have the tile steam cleaned before the cabinets go in or after?

I know this sounds silly asking all of this but I am just worried they will show up and say "so where is X?" and I won't have it ready.

Thanks in advance,

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You said you know you need the sink, but you should also have the faucet on site, as well as anything else that requires a hole in the countertop, so soap dispenser, air gap for DW, air switch for disposal, etc...
I have a slide in range and I had it here for the install. It was actually hooked up to gas and electric and pulled out and in the middle of the room. The installers pushed it in place after they were done.
Good luck, I hope everything goes great.

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Call me an over preparer but I wanted to have everything on site before the renovation began. I think having everything ready to go makes things go smoother. Who knows maybe you'll be lucky and they will be running ahead of schedule.

Find out when your cabinets will be finished and aim to have everything ready right about the time when they will be finished.

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You NEED all appliances on site before the install. Manufacturer's specs are sometimes wrong. You've got to be prepared to have all of that on hand at once.

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I'm hoping for a 3 week project (aside from granite), so I will have everything here before it starts. Actually my cabinets are coming Friday so we can inspect and reorder anything damaged and not be delayed.

Here's what I'm about to order, not a total gut but close!
-cabinets, obviously
-garbage disposal
-air switch (maybe, still debating)
-UC lights
-recessed lights/housing, ceiling fan/light, hall light
-all outlets, switches, wall plates
-appliances are all recently purchased, hood is here waiting, Advantium comes Friday too
-flooring (ours goes under the cabinets)
-tile for backsplash

Pretty sure that's it. Also need all the powder room stuff, but that's not relevant to the kitchen part.

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yikes! It looks like I need to go order appliances asap.

The cabinet guy is flexible on time (fast is not a word he knows but I knew this going it to it) so should I have him hold off on the install until the appliances are hooked up and running?

Also, one more thing. I keep hearing about an air switch. I have never even seen one. Are they really that great? I know water and electricity don't mix but I've never actually heard about anyone getting shocked from flipping the disposal switch.

Thanks again,

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Appliances don't need to be up and running, in fact it would be kind of hard to install some cabinets if your dishwasher or fridge was hooked up already. They should just be onsite so you can make sure everything fits when the cabinets are being put in.

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We just had cabinets installed late last week. Counters were measured/template yesterday. Our appliances were all over the living room and on site, and the installer did measure each one, but otherwise didn't need or want them in the area. The counter guy wanted the faucet and anything else that would go through the counter. Things we had to consider and be ready for were air vents under cabinets, outlets high enough, walls and flooring sealed before cabinets covered everything, plumbing identified and located. Good luck. Our installer was a true craftsman, but took 2 plus days for the full install.

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I'd steam clean the tile before cabinets go in and then cover them in paper. It will get dirty with the installers there, but I'd want it done at the edge of the cabinets real well and wouldn't want to risk any damage to the cabinets from the steam.

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You should get to ordering your appliances and faucets. You may find the color/style/size combo you require is on backorder. Even a lead time of two to three weeks is not unusual. You don't want to be forced into "Style B" because you need to move ahead.

The air switch for the dispoal is helpful if you don't want to clutter your backsplash with additional switches. If you have an island, they are even more valuable so you don't clutter your cabinets with extra switches.

Traditional Kitchen by San Francisco General Contractor Cardea Building Co.

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Thanks everyone! I'm getting so excited. I can't wait for things to start getting here, it is nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel. (remember my last one was stolen just before we closed so I didn't exactly plan on a kitchen remodel). I did my "demo" last night, it took all of 5 minutes removing about 8 screws lol. I did realize I need to get new corbels though.

My granite slabs are out getting brushed/leathered as we speak. I still haven't heard from the cabinet guy but should be hearing from him any day.

All of my appliances are now ordered now so I think the only thing left to pick up before installation is a faucet. When picking it out does my sink style/size make any difference? I don't think it would but am just curious.

I already have a switch in the wall for the disposal and my sink is not in the island so I am planning on passing on the air switch but thank you for the explanation.

Thank you everyone for the help/advice!

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Are you putting in a new dishwasher? Make sure it comes with water supply lines, drain hose, and the power cord you need (hard-wired or plug into an outlet).

You might also need to buy supply lines for the faucets.

Do you have all the ductwork you need for the range hood, to get the exhaust from the hood to the outside?

How about a paper towel holder?

Good luck!

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