Jack had to leave our home:(

mountain_ladyJuly 29, 2012

Well 6 days and Jack did a opps and had to leave . let him out in the morning. walked to the restroom and in the 5 mins I was away from the door he kills some chickens. he was lucky he didnt get a 45 round ... I am sure that someone will give him a good home. just cant live on our farm. I really wanted to keep him but not after he got the taste of blood .

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Well, have to ask.....what does 'had to leave' mean? You found him a home that quick?
You had a Jack Russell X which is a breed that has hunting traits. Many Jack Russell dogs live on farms with no problems but they have to be trained and monitored.

A 45 round isn't an answer to a behavioral problem.

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"I am sure that someone will give him a good home."

i hope that, if you took him to a shelter, it is a no-kill facility. or was jack a rescue and he went back to them?

sorry it didn't work out with him. my danes are never allowed one-on-one contact with my pigs. they interact ONLY through the fence. i take it your chickens are free-range? as much as i'd love to have a few chickens, i know i can't because of my dogs.

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I have chickens and a JR mix. JR's can make a fine farm dog however, a terrier breed does have that instinct and the training does have to start from puppyhood. A friend left a door ajar to where I had chickens brooding, and my dog killed four before I could get to him. He simply had no clue what they were, and did what came naturally, since he was an adult rescue. I didn't even scold him, though my heart was sure breaking over the chicks. My chickens are fenced so my dog cannot get to them, or anybody's dog or racoon, or coyote and they are locked away at night in their coop. Geeeze, he looked smaller than a chicken from the photo. Did you catch him in the act?

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"A 45 round isn't an answer to a behavioral problem."

Well, you may think so, and I may think so, but the fact remains that the leading cause of death for dogs in North America is euthanasia due to behavioral problems.

Good behavior is not some accident of breeding or birth. Nor does it happen just because one "loves" his/her dog. It is the result of responsible owners taking the time and trouble to properly train their dogs.

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That's true. However, this is an issue about dogs from rescue. You find out after the fact what baggage they are carrying, and the baggage comes from somewhere else. Sometimes it becomes obvious what habits they have their previous owners cultivated and then trashed them for. I've never returned a dog I've adopted, but I've had two over the years who came with problems, and I'd have to say we accomodated their issues more than 'fixed' them as we provided a loving home for them for the rest of their natural lives. Yes, it's a human training issue, but with a rescue animal, it's defacto. Sometimes it's easily fixed and sometimes it isn't.

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ok to clear the air . Jack was a rescue dog. I found him online from a rescue in other state. close to where we live. They didnt know anything about him other then he was close to 2 yrs old. was dumped out of a van and left. I felt sorry for him and went and pick him up. I was looking for small dog in the house. something that was just more "mommy" to love on....

Jack 1st learned of the chickens the 2nd day he was out here. I was outside with him and he was playing with our 3 other dogs. my husband was BBQ and i was standing there watching the dogs play. Next thing I know JAck is Running and running fast for our chickens. He didnt get any of them that time. my husband wrapped him up and told him No and smacked his butt as he told him No. He had been out there few times without going after the chickens. He did chase some of the cows and calfs out of the yard . husband told him No and said that i needed to work with him on the livestock. No big deal I was working on it anyways.

I locked jack and my other small dog in the house when I did chicken round up at night . other then my other small dog will let the chicken jump off his back. My 2 outside dogs look the other way when it comes to the chickens. Yes they are Free range in day time. (chickens).

When this all happen I left JACk out in the yard. He got under the fence and was after the birds. I was in the restroom when I hear my chickens start screaming . I full on busted jack after them. I didnt see him kill any of them. But when I walked out of the fenced area jack was sitten down by the coop. I pick him up and then my husband came from the barn and said Did u walk around the coop at all? when I told him No he walked back out to door and came in with one bird that had her guts ripped out. He told me I saw him kill her I just couldnt get to him from what i was doing. He told me I had one day to get him off the place before he was taken out and put down. I called the Rescue and got their voise mail. I sent them emails . after one our time I still hadnt heard from them. when my husband came in of lunch he told me I had till 5 to get him off the place . and he was not joking about it . He will not have any dogs chase or kill livestock. that is our way to feed our selfs and have money coming in. and with Jack killing a chicken means that I am down one bird that didnt cost much to start out with but would have feed us in eggs for the next few yrs.

No a 45 is not the answer to alot of things but when you live off your farm you shot anything that is going to kill or hurt your stock. this is the 1st time that i have taken in a dog that didnt become part of our family. But in my husbands eyes once they have the taste of blood you are not going to brake it . If Jack would have been a puppy I could have worked to have him just like my other dogs where they dont bother the birds. But you have to look at it that the birds where just a start of something else. come spring I will have calfs out here and lambs, what happens if he would have hurt one of the calfs that are 800 bucks each. No dog is worth that amount of money.

I feel bad that i had to take Jack back. but I feel for the bird that was killed too. She was a good layer and she was a card. When I went out there she would let me pick her up and pet her. All my stock mean something to this place. and I can not have any dog out here that is going to hurt them or kill them. that is money out of my pocket. Heck jack cost me dz eggs every 3 days from her. and cuz I do sale some of my eggs that works out to be alot of money he cost my family.

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I understand where you are coming from, Mountain Lady. My chickens are not 'pets' but part of our food supply, and likewise the eggs. I also have a barn cat to keep rodents down because I had a greenhouse operation and the rodent damage one year resulted in losing at least a thousand dollars (retail lost sales) in stock. That's why I was trying to tell folks this is sometimes what happens with rescue dogs, because some issues you cannot 'train' them in time to avoid what amounts to a catastrophe. And sometimes their bad habits will not entirely be broken. Period. There have been other people here who had to return dogs, because they were inappropriate matches to the environments you have. I think most people had a reaction to the statement of using a .45 to deal with it. However, it wasn't even you who issued that ultimatum. Personally, I don't think dogs qualify to be shot, and neither do I believe the old saw about never breaking them once they've tasted blood. But I have had cow and horse chasing dogs, and my son has had a dog who killed his turkeys. Otherwise very friendly and well trained farm dogs. Labs, in fact. He stopped raising turkeys, but if he depended on them for a living, then he'd have to had found a new home for the dog.

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thank u for understanding!!!!

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Well, I don't farm but I'd sure be mad if the cat grabbed chicken off my dinner plate :) :)

I'm sorry to read about your chickens and that Jack didn't work out. At least you gave him a chance, though. If he has that hunter instinct in him you'd probably have a hard time breaking him of that since he's an adult.

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thanks Kitten

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You did the right thing. You can't live with a dog who is unpredictable. Poor chicken too. I hear chickens are fun to watch and become almost like pets.

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it's too bad he didn't work out, but it's best he went.

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