How can you get a kitty to accept their collar?

phish_gwJuly 12, 2011

I am trying to get my kitty to accept wearing a collar with a tag, and so far not good. Does anyone have any tricks that will work to trick him into accepting his new collar?

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Just put it on...make certain it is not too tight or too loose. Can I ask why you are wanting a collar on your cat?

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Even if the cat is an indoor cat and is microchipped, it is good to get it used to a collar as well. My cats wear them on trips to the vet and occasionally I'll attach a leash and take them outside with me. I still have the faint outlines of a long scar on my arm from the first time I put a collar on my cat Basil. He freaked! The second time I tried I was far more cautious. I put it on when he was purring and half asleep on my lap. I left it on and he got used to it immediately. Good luck!

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they are not outdoor cats. They find a way to escape, they just do. I've known 3 seperate people with VERY close calls whos cat got out, collarless, and they almost lost them forever. I tried a collar and tag with my kitty and he didn't like it. I then switched to collar first without tag and that's going OK so far.

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He'll be used to it in no time at all. Is he chipped? That would help if he escaped. I don't collar my cats because they are very active and I'm afraid they'll hang themselves. I tried the break-away collar on my outdoor kitty a couple of times but she broke away from it by the time she came home each day :) Can you pin-point his escape route? There are a couple of products on the market which curb that behavior if you know how they escape. They have a motion activated air can that sprays air at the cat when he passes a no-no zone. It's supposed to scare the daylights out of them so they learn very quickly. I'm not a big fan of it but they also sell a "Scat Mat" that zaps them with a jolt when they step on it in the doorway. I tested one and it didn't hurt, it just startled me. If I had a real issue with an escapee cat I might give one a try. The can is nice because you can just leave it sitting out and that's enough once they figure out it blasts them.

Here is a link that might be useful: SSSCAT Air sprayer.

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I was wondering too why you'd put a collar on a cat. I rescued a stray once who had a collar on. He'd actually gotten his front leg through the collar and lived with it like that for quite some time. By the time I found him he had a huge, gangrenous gaping wound across his chest from this collar, weighed less than four pounds (a large framed, adult cat) and was nearly dead. I took him to the vet who wasn't sure if he could be saved but with a couple surgeries he pulled through and lived to be about 19. As a result I'd never put a collar on a cat.

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