Tea Tree Oil

shakushinnenJuly 31, 2009


I have a Jack Russel Terrier. When I walk him in the woods he stops every so often and bites at his feet. I think that the little red ants are getting between his toes and biting him. He won't wear the booties.

When I was in the Pet Shop they were selling this Tea Tree Oil. Apparently it's an insecticide. I was wondering about putting it on his paws when he goes into the woods. Has anyone had any experience with this stuff, or have a better suggestion?


...... john

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Is is straight tea tree oil or a diluted version (mixed with other stuff) of it? If it is straight it may be too strong to put on. It has many uses, but it may also be toxic if ingested. It is often used as a "natural" antibiotic or anti fungal (nail fungus)topically, but not orally. If you do use if straight you may want to dilute it in something like olive oil, grapeseed oil, even a vegtable oil about 5-10 drops of tea tree oil to one tablespoon other oil.

I suggest to do some google searches on this stuff.

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I just wanted to say I used it straight once on my basset for her skin allergies on her stomach,she gets a rash that itches,anyway that was a major mistake.Never again will I use it on a dog.It seemed to make her skin worse,red,inflamed.I had to give her a bath within a minute or so of putting it on her..

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Thanks Izzie/Debbie,
Well that does it. I'm not going to use something that might make a minor irritation a majour one. Any suggestion for what I might use? Hasn't anyone else run across this problem?
.... john

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I did a google search tea tree oil dog paws. There were several mentions of a tea tree oil salves that are good to use. I have some at home that I am using to treat a fungal thing on my son, 5 drops to a TBS of jojoba oil.

Tea Tree oil was mentioned, but never straight.My dad used the stuff straight once (nail fungus) and actually got a chemical like burn.
It is commonly used in ointments but really shouldn't be used straight. If they sold this to you straight with no further instructions that person was wrong, wrong, wrong.
It probably would work to keep ant off, but mix with another oil. It is rather stinky

Here is a link that might be useful: tea tree oil

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Thank you all for your help.
.. john

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