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Lorenza5064February 26, 2013

Several years ago I installed an RO water system. I think RO water is controversial as it removes everything from the water, good stuff (ie flouride) and bad. I have also heard that it is hard on appliances i.e. coffeemakers as the water is "reactive" in the sense that it leaches ions from metals and wreaks havoc on them over time. SO, I am wondering if I should abandon it when I renovate. Although we condition the water for the household, I have "hard" water as the cold water supplied to the kitchen. What are the best options for water filtration? Please advise I am on Indianapolis Water.

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Already answered on Kitchens forum.

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Around here water varies between 26-40 gpg hardness so softening is a must to get reasonable service life from appliances and plumbing fixtures. Without (competent) softening water heaters last about two years on that water.

Our fridge with ice maker was installed in 1996 and it has never missed making an ice cube... there's an RO on it.

We use RO water for cooking, drinking and making coffee. I have never had to descale my coffee maker which was purchased in 1996.

RO water has been very good to us.

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As was discussed in another recent thread, there's consistency in the scientific evidence suggesting that demineralized water shouldn't be consumed. Both because of what winds up in it, and what is taken out (minerals essential for metabolism). I think you've summed up the issues pretty well. Interestingly, one study mentioned in the attached paper found that important nutrients and minerals are leached out of food when such water is used for cooking and preparation.

Everyone can make their own decision, but it's not something I'd ever want in my house. The WHO (in the attached link) advises against it.

Here is a link that might be useful: WHO report

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