Any idea what type of puppy this is?

debbiep_gwJuly 30, 2010

Another drop off puppy.Any idea what type of mixes she is?Knowing what she is might help me find her a home.Her name is Bridget while she is with me.

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It looks part shepherd to me. Very cute!

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She looks like a collie/shepherd mix to me.

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I forgot to mention her tail curls should that help narrow the breeds down.

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I believe she belongs to the Adorable Breed.

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It looks a little like a Leonberger except there is too much white.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Christine, that is hilarious and I agree wholeheartedly!!!! She is an adorable puppy. With looks like that, she shouldn't be too hard to place. Good luck, Debbie!

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Oh bless your heart, who knows? It's like telling new parents their baby looks like one or the other parent. LOL. And years down the road the kid doesn't resemble anyone in the family.

It is an adorable doggie child. Our local shelter gets really creative naming the breeds it sponsors. Some of their guesses are almost comical and I think it can be a hindrance sometimes assigning them more than a help, unless they actually have some documentation. If the dog doesn't live up to their expectations of that breed description.........or if it's obvious they aren't it lessens the public's confidence in anything else the shelter tells them.

I sometimes walk through the pens, roll my eyes and say 'in your dreams". LOL.

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Seems to me just looking into those eyes precludes any other need for information!

Shepherd/Akita or shepherd/Chow maybe. Those are the popular curly tailed larger sized dogs currently.

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If it wasn't for the curly tail I would guess collie/boxer mix. But so cute. Nice friendly eyes.

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It's called a Cutiepatooti. One of the cutest pups ever.

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Thanks for all the responses.She leaves today to go to the rescue in Fl that I used in the spring for the stray Sweet pea that had the nine pups.I will let them deal with what breed they want to call her!She is a sweety though.

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Good work, DebbieP!
My guess was going to be a Rottweiler/Beagle! The dark, wide muzzle and the fold-down ears and the little extra bit of darker cinnamon under the corner of the eyes said Rottie to me. I don't think that wide muzzle was anywhere near a Collie at conception! Then Beagle because of the four white paws and the longer ears. But I guess a Golden could have given that pretty coat and maybe the white tips. She sure is a rolly-polly girl! Maybe a Mastiff mix. Maybe two Heinz 57 parents and this speculation makes no sense at all!

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