2 doors or 4 doors on a 48" lower cabinet?

Kristen HallockMarch 15, 2013

I am having a 12" deep cabinet across the end of my island to hold cookbooks and such. It will be wide (48") but I've thought about it a ton and I am OK with it. I was going to keep it open shelves, without doors, but hubby wants glass doors so i have to give him that.

Now, I can get 2 24" doors or 4 12" doors...The 4 12" doors would be BUTT, which i guess means so styles between them.

I was going with 2 24" doors but I wanted to get opinions here. I thought 4 12" doors would be too busy. WDYT?

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How about three doors?

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Kristen Hallock

I don't think 3 was an option and I am not going with custom cabinets

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How about compromising? ;) You could do two doors on the ends and open shelves in the middle. I did that with my peninsula. My shelves are also divided vertically into cubbies.

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Kristen Hallock

may_flowers - do you have a picture of that? I was thinking of that but then I could either go with a 24" cabinet in the middle with open shelves and 2 12" cabinets flanking it, or an 18" cab in the middle and 2 15" cabinets flanking it? I wasnt sure the small cabinets on the sides would really store much and I would lose some space.

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To give you some perspective, our peninsula cabinets are 18"W x 12"D. In one we store barware and wine glasses three deep, including a row of wider red wine glasses. In the other cabinet we store all our china. The display cubbies are each 16"W. Our wall end cabinet is 14" wide but the opening is only 9 1/2".

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I would choose the 2 - 24'' doors option. Will give you nice access to the cabinet.

I most definitely would not carve the space up with separate cabinets. Separate smaller cabinets will be more expensive AND you'll lose actual space (more cabinet sides) AND, the biggie is that the space remaining will be much less functional.

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