Training Adult Rescue Dog to Poop or Pee Outdoors

JohnBradyJuly 20, 2013

I brought home a spayed female 2.5 year old Beagle/Mountain Feist mix 7 days ago; she was a stray -- thin, but otherwise in pretty good shape when they found her. She is extraordinarily loveable (typical for Mountain Feists) and clingy. She peed a little on the rug the first day; I did not scold her, merely took her outdoors. After a 20-minute walk where other dogs have marked, she peed a little more. I drove her to the dog park where she peed a QUART (she's 20 lbs) and pooped. Next day, despite frequent long walks, nothing. In the evening, I took her to dog park; pee and poop in abundance. Have purchased pee sticks; nothing. She is not peeing or pooping in the house -- just "holding it." Suggestions, please. Thank you.

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Is she on leash when she won't go and off-leash at the dog park? Do you have an enclosed back yard that she can use off leash?

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She is on a leash near the house, but not in the dog park. She is a hunter, so am afraid to let her off lease in case she picks up a scent and takes off into the deep woods (all around me).

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I think it's a leash issue......and she's not used to being on one while doing her business.
My dog has the same problem but I'm fortunate in that I don't have to worry about him disappearing when he has free rein in the yard.
My suggestion is to try using a long lead (30') or a retractable leash so she can get some distance between you and her.
Each time she goes potty while on the leash....either long leash or sure to praise her and maybe even give a treat. Over time you can slowly shorten the long line and I think she'll eventually get used to a shorter leash and will have no problems going potty.

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Maybe a hint that she wants to go back to the park?

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Forgot to say 'Kuddos to you for taking in a stray'! That's a pretty unique mix you have there but I bet she's smart and adorable!

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Thanks, Annz. At the Humane Society, she jumped right in my lap and started kissing me. She had me at hello. Another friend also suggested the extra long leash and your initial suggestion that it was a leash problem didn't dawn on us (duh). Robertz6, we go to the park every day, unless it's raining .. and then she doesn't want to even go outdoors! Thanks to both of you for your help.

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My daughter always had very well behaved dogs, who actually obeyed her with voice orders. She never had to leash them when she took them out to potty. Super, only I babysat them often and never felt comfortable they'd obey me and was afraid they'd run off. There are definitely leash-shy dogs for pottying and I had a lot of unproductive walks with one of them and then the poor little thing would hold her bladder in the house until I returned and she was bursting and eventually do her business. Yes, on the long and retractable leash. Pets have potty quirks, just like humans do. Another of her dogs would only poop on a hillside.

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Along with the long leash idea,
when she poops and pees in the park, not only praise
her, but teach her the words. Good girl, you pooped!
I don't agree with giving a treat for this function. Just praise.
She should know the words for poop and peeing. When you take her in your yard, you just keep reenforcing the words. Eventually she will be able to poop and pee on command. very helpful, especially when traveling, or you don't have time to wait.

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