Water softener considerations (Kinetco vs EcoWater)

MTech8February 4, 2013

So I've read through a few of the threads here on water softening.

I only know two things about my current (City) water. It's hard 6-7 grains and I have no chlorine (due to having a no salt system there already). It's a 4 person household with no one really using water concurrently. I want to get rid of the hard water.

Is the Kinetico 2030 or the EcoWater ECR 3500 overkill?

I was leaning towards the Kinetico at first due to the twin tank and 24/7 soft water availability. But then would I really run out of water with the EcoWater's regenerate at night system?

How long do these systems typically last?

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What do you mean by no-salt system?

Kinetico makes fine, reliable equipment. If you are impressed with the dealer you should see many years of soft water. Kinetico does have two drawbacks, in my opinion: proprietary equipment and higher cost.

I am not a fan of ecowater due to their proprietary systems - more expensive to repair or replace and you are stuck with Ecowater for parts. Additionally, I would not install a one-tank system as they are difficult to work on when the time come. There are many other industry standard softeners out there that use reliable, non-proprietary valves and controls. If you decide to go with a non-Kinetico softener, you can do better than Ecowater.

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Hi. Thanks for the reply.

I was sold a "No Salt System" by Maui Water a few years back. At the time, I had bad information and was told that the city I lived in prohibited softeners that used salt. The sales rep lied to me and told me that it would soften my water but I wouldn't feel the slipperiness of salt based water softeners. As I began seeing white film form around my countertops by the faucets and having water test done after, I was clearly duped.

I'm not that impressed with the dealer. He seemed to have the most knowledge in comparison to EcoWater/Culligan rep. But then not exactly sure how the support will be like. What I'm concerned with is if he's no longer around in the future will Kinetico stand behind their product. And I'm definitely worried of all the "service" trip horror stories.

Lots of concerns with EcoWater as well. At the end it's just trying to find a system that will work for me and luck in whether or not I get a lemon. I'm thinking the majority of the people have trouble free units.

With the non-Kinetico units that are better than Ecowater. Any suggestions? I want something where someone will come out to do the install where I don't have to find my own plumber.

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