Anyone ever buy dog food that had maggots?!

lori239July 11, 2010

Gross, I know. I purchased a bag of Science Diet (dry kibble) on 6/22 and have been feeding it to my dog since then. A few days ago, I noticed what resembled white moldy stuff on some of the kibbles so I didn't give her any more. The next day I looked again and there was maggots.

I am absolutely positive that it was purchased that way - here's why. As soon as I brought the food home, I poured what would fit into a brand new air tight dog food container, 1/2 was still left in the bag. When I discovered the maggots in the container, I then looked in the bag and there was maggots in it too. I have 2 other types of dog food also stored in containers near the other, no maggots - and there are no flies at all in my garage where I keep the food.

I'm pretty disgusted about the fact that one of my dogs has been eating that food for almost 3 weeks!

Anyone else ever have this happen?

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Extra protein?? :) I'd take it back to the store, or maybe there is a telephone number on the bag where you may call for questions or complaints. You could also look for a Science Diet website and there may be contact info there. Usually if you call a company and complain you will get coupons for free product. I had a vet once that recommended Science Diet dog food. I looked at the label of ingredients and decided it was not what I wanted to feed my dog. I have been using Solid Gold for about 18 years and 3 dogs now and have been very pleased with the health of my dogs. My last Rottweiler lived to be almost 14 on exclusively Solid Gold. No maggots ever, either.

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A little mesh baggie (made of panty hose) of dry bay leaves will get rid of all crawly thingies in dry stuff like flour, dog food, etc. Use it all the time -- never have pantry pests anymore.

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You probably have an infestation of Indian meal or flour maggots, also known as the larval stage of pantry moths. Most of us have had them in our household sometime in our lives, and yes.......I found them once in a sealed plastic bin where I used to keep dog kibble.

I have found it in rice, cornmeal ,once in dog food, birdseed and in oatmeal. Anything with a grain base is a potential source. Any grain can come with the eggs in situ. Or maybe even the larvae. That's why I put all my flours based products in the freezer for storage. It kills the eggs before they become the larvae. I even store dog food in there occasionally because I have a small dog, but want the savings of buying the large bags.

Don't think they won't get into a bag of dog food, either, even if you have rolled the paper over. Once you've treated grains in a freezer, you pretty much have to shelve them in an airtight container with a well seated lid.

What surprises me is not that you found some, it's that it doesn't happen more often. LOL. I would imagine your sales source would be happy to refund your money.

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Take the bag and the contents i the containter to the pet store, the bagprobably had a small hole in it and a fly got in...could have happened anywhere from the factory to transport to the store...get a refund and write to Science Diet to let them know what happened

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Definitely let Science diet know ... they may want to know some production codes, so keep the bag until you hear from them. There is usually a 800 number on the bag for customer service.

AND, if you have a garden, that stuff composts very well.

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I'm with 'bigdogmom' on this one. The flys probably improved the nutrition of the Science Diet, which is one of the worst foods you can feed. Definitely take that refund and switch brands :)

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I don't even feed that food, but I wouldn't blame them for the problem overly. It could happen to the food I feed too. I'd do the same and contact them since they'd want to know for sure. I'm suspecting the bag got ripped somehow and a fly got in -- a fluke occurence. I don't like Sci Diet, but never known them to have a rep for something like that.

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Thanks everyone for your input. Unfortunately by the time I got a manager from the pet store on the phone I had dumped all the dog food in a trash bag and dragged it to the street cause I didn't want maggots anywhere near my house! So no refund from them cause they needed the bag, but I will at least write Science Diet and see what they say. I see a couple of you said Science Diet is not good dog food - it is what my vet. recommended, but when I've read the ingredients, it does seem like it's filled with a lot of junk to me, and it is not cheap!

What dog food brands do you recommend? I have 3 white dogs, so they tend to have skin conditions so I guess they can't have too much corn in them. And one of them is on Lite food to control her weight. Thanks again.

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I have one allergy prone dog who I've been feeding California Natural by Naturapet for 10 years now. I've tried feeding other foods, but his "hot-spots" always come back when I do. I've given up on other foods.

I use to homecook for him, but with the addition of 2 other dogs, that became a HUMONGOUS chore -- they are not tiny dogs. Occasionally he gets raw.

Bear in mind, I also have 2 other large dogs over that same span of time. I just find it easier to feed them all the same food and they thrive on it.

For Mocha (the allergy nut) I avoid corn and other grains if possible. Cali is based upon an elimination diet (like for kids with allergies) and contains 3 ingredient --- Human-grade meat, sunflower oil, and rice -- period.

When I'm cooking, I will throw them raw meat and sometimes cooked meat -- and sometimes raw bones -- BUT NEVER cooked bones. Mine would swallow a bone whole, and I can't afford splinters.

Mocha is nearing 10 (Rusty is nearly 12 and Ginger is 10 too) and I've had Mocha since he was 8 weeks old, Ginger since she was 6 months, and Rusty since he was 3 yrs old.

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Its christmas day and I got a great present.. maggots in my science diet dog food!! It was in a sealed dog food container grossed me out! One of the two dogs I fed it to wouldn't eat his breakfast which was not normal for him at all. Poor guy! The other gobbled it up... gross! Now terrified they're going to wind up sick or full of worms?! What is going on? Definitely contacting science diet! horrifying!!!

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Maggots are fly larvae so if anything they will end up with a stomach full of flys. You got free protein for Christmas!!!

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The dog food called Orijen is rated as one of the top 3 sold. Science Diet is nasty and is listed as a failure by almost every rating. I'd wonder if your vet isn't getting paid for recommending this terrible food - if not, then I wonder that the vet hasn't kept up with dog food studies in many, many, MANY years.

When you switch to a really good and healthy dog food such as the California Natural or Orijen, your dog will love it. It costs more but you don't feed them as much of this quality food and they poop more firmly and a lot less because the body actually process the food into energy - there isn't "fillers" to fill up the dog and then be eliminated because the body can't use it.

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It is disgusting that there are maggots in the food, but that is not all there might be. I would do a little more investigating to see exactly what Science diet allows in their dog food. Your dog(s) will thank you.

Links that might be useful:

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Science diet is a lot of money wasted for not so great dog food. Switch to something better like Lassie or Blue Buffalo. Dogs should not have corn or wheat or soy grains in their food. I use Blue Buffalo now. It doesn't have any by-products just meat and veggies.

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Actually I had it occur twice from the same bag AFTER we purchased it. Oddly enough it not in the actual bag but in the container we store the dog food in for easier access. The maggots may have been another type of worm since they looked really small. Oddly enough the suspected and mysterious bugs were only in the cup we used to scoop out the dog food. There were no maggots in the actual dog food itself so we thought it was just in the cup. A few days later again they were in just the cup.

I was not as alarmed as my girlfriend was because they were really little and in the cup. She wanted to throw the entire bag away while I was still just trying to figure out what was going on. In order to fix this problem without throwing the dog food away, the container we have is now in the freezer. Since only the container would get them and knowing there was no way they could get in inside the actual kibbles and in the freezer, that is what we have done.

The girlfriend is happy because there are no more bugs, I am happy that we did not have to waste the bag, but not sure how the puppies feel about the cold dog food. They do still gobble it up right away so the need to even warm it up or leave at room temperature is not needed.

Hope this helps....although the case is still out about where the heck they got in there. I will add to the post if they make it into the freezer. ;)

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