Commode Flapper

tony41February 8, 2013

Out of the blue one of my home commodes (2 years old) started trickling water past the flapper into the bowl.

I replaced flapper with new and no change.

Upon investigation have found the flapper is not seating into center of tank drain. It is off ever so slightly. I can manually center the flapper and leak stops.

I don't understand why flapper mysteriously no longer closes on center with tank drain? Flapper attachment on vent pipe hasn't / can't move.

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Make sure the chain hook is also centered (relative to the flapper hinges). You might have to connect it to a different hole on the flush arm.

BTW, "univeral flappers" are not all that universal. What brand of toilet is it? Which flapper did you use?

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Pearless Commode handicap model.

Don't know brand of flapper. Thrown out the package.

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Sometimes carefully bending the flush lever that lifts the chain so the hole the chain is fastened to is directly above the flapper connection helps. Make sure the bent arm doesnt block the float if it has one, and that you don't break it when bending it.

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For the flapper to close completely, the chain must be slack when the lever is released. Any tension on the chain holds the flapper off the seat.

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The correct size 'Korky' brand flapper is very reliable.

You also should run a finger over the flapper seat and make sure it is not nicked or damaged.

If you have any bleach tablets in the tank stop using them.

They are hell on flappers and even plastic hardware.

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I think the leak is fixed! Replaced flapper with a type that doesn't attach to vent pipe. Has two pieces, bottom attaches to drain outlet with something similar to plumber's putty this bottom part also provides hinge for top piece ie flapper.

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