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KENWORTH1March 5, 2013

I've been lurking around this site for about 6 months now and have finally I am almost done my house reno project, and just want to say thanks for the info from everyone. this site has been the most used site I have found since I started down this bunny trail. In the kitchen I went all out for the wife who is a cook. sub zero fridge, miele dishwasher, coffee machine, and steamer.....and a 48 bluestar and matchng hood. the boss and I have waited 10 long years to rebuild our home to the way we want it.....

I do have a quick question I cannot seem to find a answer for, and it seems kinda stupid asking but, what are people using for cleaning the grates on the grill on these units, im temped to just use a stainless brush, from the hardware store but cannot find any info on what is classified as a grill brush.??......I don't want to damage the grates in our new stove if they have a coating on them ...or are they just black, cause they are new. I have only had the stove hooked up for a couple of days feel like a fool asking this,.....but.......if I trash the bosses new unit, I am gonna get

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If you don't get an answer, try starting a new thread with a more exact title. Something like what do you use to clean indoor grills?

Since you are almost done how about posting a reveal? As you know we all love photos here!

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maybe this will help

Here is a link that might be useful: old thread from cleaning forum

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I'll post some before and afters tonight..... its 80%.....but coming along. Got some carpet to lay in the dineing room....and all the little.stuff that seems to take forever.... lol....

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The manufacturer might be able to tell you what to use. And please, we love pictures!

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Hardly a stupid question! What would be stupid is to take a flying guess and trash them in their first week of use. So much easier to ask. Somebody will know. Can't wait for the photos - it's sounds fabulous.

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after several attempts, I have given up on this loading pictures would seem I must employ another member of my family who is much more computer savvy to perform this magical operation, god, where is my apple 2e.

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