gas line questions

dave_mnFebruary 5, 2013

Digging into my dads house. I have some questions about the city gas line that comes into the house. FYI, I will not be working on this gas line, only looking for info.

I have not found a main shut off in the house, is this a code requirement?
The shut off for the range is enclosed in the ceiling in the basement, is this allowed?
The range does not have a shut off on or near the appliance, is this a violation?

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A shut off for servicing is required on the same floor as the appliance.

The main shut off should be right before the meter.

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My stoves gas shut off in in the basement ceiling below the stove but it is not finished or enclosed in the basement. I can go down and reach up and turn it off anytime. I think that is the norm in older homes. there should never be a finished ceiling hiding the valve or it needs moved to behind the stove. Not sure but I think if its like mine and you are not changing the gas line you could leave it. I did put a gas overflow prevention valve behind my stove since it cam with the new flex hose for some extra safety

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