RenAvast - new drug for CRF cats ??

pranjalJuly 19, 2011

Hello, all. I haven't posted on here for a long time but have been lurking quite a bit.

My 9 yr old cat Niku is in renal failure and in addition to Fortekor, we'll start potassium supplement and antacid tomorrow as today she has been retching a bit after not eating all day. Very, very fussy cat who won't eat anything other than the dry food she's been on for the last 9 years. Has always been a good drinker.

Just wanted to see if anybody knows of this new (launched I think June 2011) drug RenAvast for CRF cats. Some people on other forums have claimed it works well. I will ask the vet about this tomorrow as well, but wanted to know from 'real' people who might have had good results with RenAvast - though it's a very new product. Or am I being gullible in this crazy state of mind?



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way too soon to have any experience with this amino acid additive... sounds safe enough but there is no information offered on mechanism of action... in other words, how on earth can it 'repair' the scarring and chronic changes to kidneys?? if it did, you think we'd all be taking this stuff. Am very suspicious, but time will tell.

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I don't belive this is a drug. It seems to be an undefined over the counter supplement aimed at a market which will do anything to save their kitties. The ingredients aren't listed on the site just a broad 'amino acids and petides'. Well which ones!?! We should know what we're giving our pets, and some vendors take advantage of pet lover's desperation to save their animals.

I'm sorry your kitty has CRF and hope that you can make Niku comfortable and that s/he has some good quality time with you.

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Our cats started Renavast when it was first released to the public about a month and a half ago. My husband is a doctor and read the scientific study and everything on their web site. He is VERY picky about what we give our cats (who are our kids). He decided we should give it a try as nothing in it is harmful and the study was very promising. Our 2 cats with Chronic Renal Failure are already seeing an improvement since starting it. They are eating more, more energetic and their coats are looking better. They will be going to the vet next month for a check up and to see how their kidney values look. I am very hopeful!

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I'm in the medical field and a cat owner.I have read and studied some about this. I see nothing at all that could be harmfull to your cat. I can not say if it would help but I can say it could not hurt. I have lost cats due to renal failure.If I have one of my cats start going into renal failure. I WOULD try this

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Thanks, folks. I'm sorry I never got back to this thread. Used to check every morning and evening to see if there were any responses but after Aug 1 I stopped and forgot about it. :(

I wrote to the guys at Renavast and they sent over papers for our vet to study and decide if it was worth a try. Our vet thought it'd be a good idea - so I ordered it online but they sent it via USPS (I live in the UAE) and said they thought it would take about 6 days to reach us but it took more than 20 days. All that time, the vets at Renavast corresponded regularly by email to check on Niku's progress and get info on her blood values and provide input.

Niku went downhill and we did bring her home and did IV and medication at home the last few days, but she was so bad we had to take her back to the vets. A day later, on Aug 1, we put her to sleep.

Lzrddr, Cynthia, I was very skeptical about it as well; I realise it's a supplement. Even when I was looking for something, ANYthing, that could give Niku some relief, I kept thinking I'd do anything to save her - and it'd be so easy for someone to con me. We did finally get the Renavast - a couple of days after Niku crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Our vet did say she was so bad that it might not really have helped anything.

I gave our Renavast bottles to another needy kitty here in the UAE and last I heard she was doing well (this kitty wasn't in very bad shape when she started Renavast).

Thank you all for your replies; Brianandsarah I hope your kitties are doing well. Gardenandcats, I know what you mean :)

Apologies again for completely forgetting about this thread. Was just going thru Niku's pictures and thought of Renavast and all of a sudden realised I never checked back on this thread again.


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This product is a scam. It is a supplement therefore it has not come under the medication standards. Just the fact that they are marketing it on Facebook instead of veterinary journals should be a big clue. Everything they say is not only ambiguous, but anyone in the scientific community will tell you that a test group of 19 is a farce.
This is a scam, and nothing else. Just like the "lose 20 pounds in 3 days ads." They are preying on peoples' emotions who have animals with a chronic disease, which the medical community has yet to find a cure.

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I don't know if it is a scam or not but this is not the first new product or idea to be labeled as a scam and then have it turn out to be helpful. I agree their marketing is unusual but they probably don't have a lot of money for fancy ads. And I agree that the ingredient list is incomplete but again, there are many products - supplements and cosmetics come to mind - that don't disclose all of the stuff in the bottle. We still use them.

I have a cat with mild but stable kidney issues and I asked my vet about RenAvast. She said exactly what she should have said and what I expected her to say - not enough evidence that it works. That doesn't mean it isn't a good product for some cats. There isn't much hope for kitties with bad kidneys and you never know - this may help. I suspect it needs to be used before there is serious damage, though, just like human kidney treatments.

I have nothing to do with the RenAvast company - I am just a curious person who has found unconventional treatments to help me personally when traditional medicine gave up.

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Thanks for all of the comments on RenAvast. I just realized though that a lot of these post are really old. Does anyone have any updated information of RenAvast? I see that many of the online pharmacies are selling this product. What is the current status?

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I can give you some updated info. My cats have been on RenAvast for the past few years since it came out. I have 2 senior brother cats and they were both diagnosed around the same time. At the time of diagnosis my vet thought they only would have a few months at most. He suggested we try was new at the time. He assured me it was safe and I had nothing to lose. I am SOOO glad I took the chance. Within a few weeks my cats were looking better and acting better. Better appetite, more playful and their hair looked better. Since that time we have had several blood tests and one of them has had their kidney values go down and the other has stabilized (victory for both!). I used to buy it from my vet but now I buy RenAvast online since I save a few bucks and with 2 cats every dime helps. I have suggested RenAvast to so many friends who have had cats with kidney failure and all of them are so thankful. I only have cats but one friend has a dog on RenAvast and is seeing excellent results as well. Hope this helps! I am so thankful to my vet and to RenAvast!

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My cat is doing better after 2 months on Renavast. Her fur looks tons better and I think she has stopped losing weight. She is 17 and I thought she was eating okay because she eats all the time, but I realized she wasn't eating much each time. Now after being on renavast I can actually tell she has eaten something each time she nibbles from a plate. Since she's a nibbler, I mix renavast with a little water and then feed it to her by syringe.

I'm a total skeptic, so when my vet prescribed renavast but told me it's actually an OTC supplement, I asked about the evidence for its effectiveness. She told me there was a study for cats that is expected to be published in a veterinary journal soon. Between the study and her own success using it on her kidney patients, she recommended it very highly. I don't give my cat any special diet food. I may need to start her on fluids soon and I will keep an eye on her phosphate levels since she's eating regular foods. But so far she is doing very well on the renavast.

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Thanks all! I am a skeptic myself and had wondered about the study with the 19 cats. I did a quick PubMed search and discovered that there are 616 pages of abstracts with various studies using less than 30 subject cats. All obviously accepted into peer reviewed journals. Let's reserve judgement on the RenAvast study until it gets published.

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Regardless of what any study shows...I am sticking with RenAvast. I have seen that it works and works WELL!!! It is 100% safe so I can't imagine why anyone would NOT give it a try. I am happy to answer questions as I have had direct experience with it for a few years now. By the way...RenAvast is often on sale online so watch for specials with the online pharmacies.

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I love it! You go girl! I ordered on one of the pharmacy sites already. Joey, Jr. (yes it's corny), is very picky so I'm fingers crossed that he will actually eat it. Sometimes he only wants treats so we will see how it goes. Stay tuned.

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I couldn't shake what Sharon said about RenAvast being marketed on FB. I checked it out and saw that they have a FB page. I also saw that Henry Schein, Patterson Vet Supply, Bayer Animal Health and a lot of other companies have FB pages as well. I came to the conclusion that having a Facebook page is a poor measure of reliability. Everyone seems to market on Facebook it seems.

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I have a 19 year old tabby who is suffering from CRF, which I really consider old age more than I consider it to be kidney failure. He is off the charts when it comes to longevity. The vet just gave me some RenAvast.

My vet used to work with the Humane Society and he has been my cat's vet for 19 years. I'm going to trust him on this, but I'll update everyone in about a week or two to tell you if there is any difference.

I understand people being cynical about something like this, but I figure if my vet of 19 years gave me this there must be something to it. I wanted to post my story for everyone because I don't want people to be too cynical about something that might help your kitty.

Maybe it will work, maybe not. But in my case, it did come from a trusted source so there must be something to this.

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I couldn't agree with you more Bob! I feel the same way. I have an amazing relationship with my vet. She has been in practice for a while. Went to an amazing US vet school. Is a more scientific based doc. She recommended renavast and azodyl and so far so good. I'm often concerned when a layperson doles out medical advice without the proper licensure, education or experience. Unfortunately this occurs a lot on blogs and chat rooms. You could get really confused. And you often times don't know what the truth is. Thanks for the comradery.

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The rescue shelter where I volunteer has also started using Renavast now after hearing about it from me and from another sanctuary owner who uses it. That other place gives renavast very high praise for helping their older cats with kidney issues, so I'll let you know how it goes with these guys.

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It lowered my dog's kidney number within 2-3 weeks.
Good luck!

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RenAvast must have its patent now since I see that the ingredients are now on the label. My vet just told me about a dog who RenAvast completely saved the dogs life. I love those stories.

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I searched for the patent information through the USPTO for renavast. I see that the renavast trademark is in place. My bottle says patent pending, so perhaps this is why the ingredients are available. I'm not sure. Here's the trademark info for whatever it's worth:

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Not sure if you guys are also on the facebook group called feline/canine chronic renal failure (CRF). A guy posted his cat's before and after blood work with using RenAvast. The cat has clearly improved. The guy said his vet is so happy as well. I love seeing the improvements in black and white!

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I just love hearing some good news about cats and dogs with kidney disease!!! Thanks mmp01 and Jean_Marie!

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I just stumbled upon a very touching tribute page for a cat named Maya. Apparently, the cat-mom created this page. Curiously there are consumer reports and vet reports about renavast. She also post the ingredients as well as all of the pharmacies, both US and international, that carry it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Maya and renavast

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