Non Toxic Home flea treatments?

rjingaJuly 4, 2010

My SIL has fleas in her house and yard, I wonder if anyone has tried spraying rubbing alchohol (sp) successfully in the house. She's afraid of it doing something to the color in the carpet. I have used this myself and I would say successfully, but it's been many many many years ago and I really dont recall a problem with color bleeding etc. But I just needed reinforcement here.

I do recall that it worked and killed the fleas on contact. You had to get down really close to the carpet and spray it everywhere.

Any thoughts, comments other suggestions? she is talking about using the home bombs which I think is probably a bad idea and I dont know how successful/effective they really are?

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Diatomaceous Earth (fossil flour).

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Boric acid powder can help inside the home.

Does your sister have pets with fleas? They would need to be treated.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Why doesn't she use Frontline Plus?

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The last time we had fleas in the house was a few years ago. I ended up spending about $100 on sprays, carpet powders, and bombs, but it seemed like nothing was getting all of them.

The only thing that actually worked was to vacuum. Daily. Repeatedly. Change the bag or dump the filter every time. Vacuum over and over until you can't stand the sight of the vacuum cleaner. I was doing it maybe 8x a day. Both sides of the couch cushions, UNDER the couch, etc.

Flea bombs cannot get under furniture, especially if it has cloth "flaps" at the bottom.

Also, when you go to bed at night, make sure the room is dark. Place a saucer filled with soapy water on the floor under a plug. Leave a nightlight on in the plug. Every morning, you'll see fleas in the water, but the amount will be less, as long as you vacuum. This just lets you know how bad of a flea problem you have, and you can judge your progress each morning.

It's a pain, but it works.

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Use the boric acid around the edge of your rooms.
Feed your pet a pinch of garlic and a pinch of DE mixed in food everyday.
Boric acid is for inside only. WE have a house dog who does not eat Boric acid. Test First on your pet/pets.
DE can be used out side.
We do DE 2x a year in Dog area and Chicken area. Wear a mask. DE is so fine you can inhale.

Happy Trails,
pinecone ":) Rudolf

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Years ago I had them and I sprayed the carpet, baseboards and furniture lightly with a pesticide. I sprayed again in 10 days to get the eggs that hatched. If you don't spray twice, you are being reinvested. I had no ill effects from doing that. Boric acid will work it is the main ingredient in Roach Proof and other household insecticides so don't think it is any safer than other pesticides.

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Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) is completely non-toxic and can be ingested by humans and pets for internal parasites. Works great for flea infestations, ants, roaches, ear mites and is great because it can even be sprinkled on kitchen counters!

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