Unused toilet drain? Potential problems?

janwadFebruary 13, 2010

I'm rebuilding my laundry/mud room. I'd like it to be available potentially as a wheelchair accessible bathroom some day if needed. I'm adding a shower anyway, so I'm making it curb free.

I suspect if I need an accessible bathroom, I might not have time to wait around for a retrofit.

I'd like to have it plumbed for a toilet, but not install one. Can I just have the drain plugged and put a hamper over it? Is that silly? It just seems like I should get the plumbing done now while the floor and walls are open and plumber is here.

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I would do it and cap it. Don't know if it's legal though.

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You can have a rough in for a toilet and have it capped but check your local codes to make sure. Just my opinion, if having everything put in won't break the budget and you fully intend to do it, why not have it done now. Like you said, while everything is open, it will be less expensive now, than later.

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A roughed in drain MUST be capped off.

The seal must be air tight to prevent seer gas from entering the house.

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