Tub hot water knob sometimes nothing comes out

ailene54February 24, 2014

My daughter is hoping to go to contract on an apartment, we noticed that sometimes the hot water works fine, but more often faucet just spins and nothing comes out. The owners will not negotiate, and since DD wants the apartment she will deal with it when she is the owner. At worse I told her she will have to break tiles in tub, have it fixed and put new tiles up..,she's fine with that. I'm just wondering what you think is wrong from my description. Thanks in advance for your help.

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If the knob is plastic, it, may just be striped.

"My daughter is hoping to go to contract on an apartment,"

In what country?

Apartments here are "rented" not "owned."

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Thanks for answering!

The apartment is a co op, size wize it's a small studio in NY. The apartment is not in Manhattan! It's in an apartment building built in the 50's. I'm guessing, but think it's the original faucet, and toilet. The faucet in tub is 3 piece, cold/hot/turn for shower. The toilet has hose that directly goes into the wall, and is very low. She plans on replacing toilet, probably because of me needing a comfort level height. As far as the hot water, initially I really thought there was none in the tub, turned it several times and each time it just would do a 360, when it does turn on the hot waster it acts how I expect a faucet to work, and does have a limit yo how much it will turn.

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Now I understand.

For the hot water in the tub/shower.
You can sell a dwelling unit as-is, however, you need to have deficiencies memorialized and should be noted in the escrow documents.
Along with a statement that "the dwelling meets the minimum habitability standards as defined by the municipality of record.

It does not, under the laws of habitability, which gives you the legal rite to recover the costs of the repairs too the shower.

Have the contract reviewed by an attny.

As for the toilet, you can install a "rite-height" toilet or there are ADA add-ons which raises the height of the seat.

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